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'Sister Wives' exclusive: See the fight that led to Kody and Janelle Brown's separation

Janelle and Kody Brown exchange curse words in a fight that leads one to say, "We're done."
Sister Wives
It's already the most talked about moment from this season's trailer of "Sister Wives."TLC

Tensions between Janelle and Kody Brown come to a boiling point and result in an explosive fight, which will air in the the next episode of "Sister Wives," out Sept. 3.

In an exclusive clip shared with, the couple meets at Janelle Brown's place to discuss their plans for Christmas. What begins as a conversation about the "problem in their family" grows more contentious, until Janelle finally says, "Shut your f----- mouth and let me talk to you for a second."

The explosive moment has been previewed in trailers for Season 18 — and this clip provides the backstory.

The interaction is sour from the start, as the mother of six expresses her frustration with Kody Brown's communication style, saying she feels "gaslit."

“I came into this conversation expecting to use that term cause I feel like you are constantly gaslighting me,” Janelle Brown replies.

A visibly frustrated Kody Brown once again brings up their plural family's ongoing divide. In last week’s episode, the Browns lamented their fractured family unit as they spent Thanksgiving apart.

“Janelle, OK. There’s a problem in the family, a problem that needs to be solved. Everything's too hot now and everybody thinks that I’m the bad guy. And so I don’t expect to see anybody at Christmastime. I don’t expect to see you,” he says.

Kody Brown also partially blames his wife for his strained connection with two of their sons, Garrison and Gabe. Last season, Kody said his sons Garrison and Gabe “disrespected” him by not following his strict COVID-19 protocols

“You have cheated me out of my contact with my family,” he says.

Janelle Brown maintains her composure as she firmly says, “It is not my fault. You asked them. You asked them, Kody. I have not done anything. You asked them who they blame.”

“Well, they blame me because you do,” he says.

Janelle Brown corrects her husband at this point and says, “I do not.”

Kody isn’t easily convinced, however, and fires back with the following response.

“Janelle, I saw you right there mock my rules,” he says.

“Well, I’ve seen you call me all kinds of names,” she replies.

"What? That you're lazy about the rules? That you wont accept  accountability?" he asks.

It's here when the two start interrupting and interjecting at a faster pace, culminating in Janelle Browin saying, “Shut your f------- mouth and let me talk to you for a minute."

Following the first expletive exchanged in this conversation, Kody Brown repeatedly says "no," gets off the couch and enters the kitchen.

“You keep cutting me off. You keep cutting me off,” Janelle Brown says, explaining what she felt pushed to the emotional edge.

In the kitchen, Kody Brown pours himself a drink of water and puts his coat on while talking.

"There is no interest in understanding each other here. There is no interest in understanding. There is only a bitterness that has no place," he says. "I don't expect you to back me up anymore. I'm not gonna look for it, I'm not gonna ask for it. I don't expect you to try and help us co-parent the kids. That's too late we’re never going to do that. So what partnership do we have?"

Janelle Brown stands her ground and says, "This is not only me, Kody. Don't you dare point your finger at me."

"I've been here, daylong in and out, for all these years without your support while you were deciding what you were doing without consulting me," he replies and approaches his wife.

"You know what? Let me tell you what," Janelle Brown says, starting the conversation up again.

Kody Brown starts to walk away and his wife says, "No, you stay and talk."

In response, he says, "No, I'm done listening to you," and opens the door.

After Janelle Brown asks Kody Brown to stay one more time, he points his finger and walks towards her. "I am not going to cause you're not listening," he says.

From there, the two reach the moment to that leads Janelle Brown to say they're "done."

"You're not listening to me," Janelle replies.

"And I'm not going to," he replies.

"OK, so we're done?" she asks.

"Goodbye," Kody Brown says and slams the door.

"F--- you," Janelle Brown replies and asks the camera team to stop rolling.

So far, Season 18 of "Sister Wives" has given an intimate look at Kody and Janelle Brown's road to separation. The season premiere was the highest rated one in a decade, per TLC, making it cable's highest-rated unscripted season premiere since 2020. 

In the first episode of Season 18, Kody Brown suggested that Janelle Brown prefers the company of his ex-wife Christine Brown over him. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown said Kody isn’t the same father he once was.