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The best of the 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 memes and reactions

Fans laughed their way through 12 episodes.

Like seasons before, Season Six of “Love Is Blind” started off with such high hopes. Couples fell in love in the pods, then were snatched back to reality after interacting with each other in the outside world.

This season of "Love is Blind" follows the five couples, plus a few love triangles. Part of the fun was watching the show. The other part was watching people watch the show through reactions and memes.

The episodes, leading up to the March 6 finale, proved that love isn’t as blind as it may seem. From Megan Fox comparisons to "bean dips” to the infamous Sarah Ann meet-up and conversation, the season was a rollercoaster. We compiled a few of the best memes to prove it.

Kenneth breaking up with Brittany

Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills came down from their love nest in the Dominican Republic fast. Their breakup happened not long after the honeymoon.

One of Brittany's complaints was the amount of attention Kenneth gave to his phone. Memes poked fun at that dynamic.

Chelsea and Jimmy's fighting

Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell got engaged after being in a love triangle. The drama continued, however, as Chelsea continued to question Jimmy's devotion, and the two got into multiple circular arguments. Their fight in Episode 11 revolved around Jimmy going out late, and whether he's too close to his women friends. He says she's making up problems.

It seemed the Twitter-verse started to side with Jimmy.

Clay's confessions to AD

Clay Gravesend spoke to his fiancée AD Smith often about his parents' issues and how they may have impacted him — especially his dad's infidelity. Online commentators noted Clay's fixation on his parents' history and AD's face during the conversations.

Questions about casting

Fans wondered, after scandals emerged during the season, what kind of casting decisions went into the making of Season Six.

Jeramey's mom not taking his side

Jeramey Lutinski and his former fiancée Laura Dadisman split up after she caught him spending time with his other pod flame, Sarah Ann.

When Jeramy explained the situation to his mom, it appeared that she understood Laura's frustrations.

AD confronting Sarah Ann

At a cast get together, AD questioned Sarah Ann’s motives for reaching out to Jeramey. AD's composure during the conversation garnered praise from viewers.

Excitement for the finale

Ahead of the finale, "Love Is Blind" viewers expressed anticipation. to find out who stayed together and who broke up.