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Kristen Wiig brings back ‘SNL's’ Target Lady in hilarious new ad

“I’m on the clock and ready to rock!” she enthusiastically declares.
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Wiig is definitely on target in a new ad.

Wiig reprises her famous Target Lady character in a new commercial for the box store to promote Target Circle Week and to hype the chain's new Target Circle membership program.

In the spot, she plays the dimwitted, annoying and overexcited Target Lady, who wakes up rarin’ to go, thanks to a cuckoo clock featuring a cuckoo bird with a bowl haircut similar to her own. She then takes off her Target sleep mask, slips into Target slippers and begins her day by working out on a store conveyor belt that serves as a treadmill.

Kristen Wiig target lady
Kristen Wiig's Target Lady is back in a new commercial.Target

Her character then gets dressed and cheers as she opens her closet to find several Target vests on hangers. She also perfectly coifs her hair and eats a breakfast that looks eerily similar to the Target logo before moving a Target logo covering a giant hole in a wall so that she can crawl through to get to her position as a cashier in a Target.

“I’m on the clock and ready to rock!” she cheerfully says, declaring her famous line. “It’s Target Circle Week!”

Target Circle Week, featuring deals for customers, runs April 7 through April 13.

Wiig, who was a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” from 2005 until 2012, won raves for her portrayal of Target Lady on the show. She will return to host “SNL” for a fifth time on April 6.