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New 'Bachelorette's' brother goes undercover on the 1st night to vet suitors

Charity Lawson was surprised to see someone she knows on the first night of her upcoming season.

Hopeful suitors won't just have to win over Charity Lawson on this season of "The Bachelorette." It looks like they'll also have to make a strong impression on her older brother, Nehemiah Lawson.

Charity, who made it to the hometown episode of Season 27 of “The Bachelor” before being eliminated, was recently announced as the new bachelorette during the show's “Women Tell All” special on March 14.

A sneak peek for the new season of "The Bachelorette," which premieres June 26 on ABC, aired during the season finale of "The Bachelor" this week, and featured a surprise appearance from Charity's brother.

The clip begins with Charity standing outside with the show's host, Jesse Palmer, as they await the eligible suitor.

“There is a limo that’s about to pull up, but there is something I have to tell you,” he says. “The man you’re about to meet is someone you already know.”

Visibly shocked, Charity replies, "No, no, no, no, no. Wait."

The host then gives the new bachelorette a little hint about the man who is about to arrive.

“You both have, I don’t know how to say this, a history together,” he explains.

A jittery Charity then says, “I’m shaking.”

As the car approaches, she gets more nervous and says, “OK, I’m going to throw up.”

As the door to the limo opens, the 27-year-old’s brother Nehemiah steps out. Charity's reaction is priceless.

After gasping, she utters, “Oh my God!” Both brother and sister burst out laughing.

“Stop! Oh my gosh, what are you doing here?” Charity asks.

Nehemiah casually replies, “How are you?” and gives his sister a hug. He then says, “I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cry,” she says.

In a confessional interview, Nehemiah explains why he showed up to his sister's big night.

"I'm on the lookout because men can be dogs," he explains. "I have a plan. It involves a disguise and it's gonna help me really find out more about these guys to see if they’re really here for her for the right reasons or if it's time to get 'em out."

Behind the scenes, Nehemiah prepares his new look and puts on a curly wig, thick mustache and black hat.

"I'm about to become undercover brother," he says.

Charity will have some backup as she searches for "The One." She seems to be psyched to get the process started.

“I’ve waited forever to find the love of my life. It blows my mind that I could meet my person and be engaged and literally have my happily ever after,” she said after being named the next bachelorette.