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‘The Bachelor’ finale lost audio for 5 minutes. Here’s how fans reacted

"The Bachelor" briefly became a silent film.

No, it wasn't just you whose sound stopped for about five minutes during the "Bachelor" season finale last night.

On March 27, about an hour into the three-hour show, bachelor Zach Shallcross was on a romantic horseback riding date on the beach in Thailand with one of the finalists Gabi Elnicki when, all of a sudden, the audio cut out.

Immediately, fans turned to Twitter — where live tweeting the episodes is practically a sport — to see if they were the only ones experiencing technical difficulties.

Online, viewers discovered they weren't alone: No one could hear what was happening.

And with that, the memes and jokes began. Some viewers imagined what was happening in the ABC control room.

Others took a practical approach, trying to read Elnicki's and Shallcross' lips to learn what they were saying.

Theories proliferated about the timing of the silence — and if it indicated who would go on to win the show. Indeed, the audio cut out during runner-up Gabi's final date with Zach.

Fans' conclusion? While "The Bachelor" prides itself on having "the most dramatic finale" ever — every season — this actually was a dramatic moment.

“This episode airing in PURE SILENCE is truly the most dramatic thing to ever happen on this show,” a Twitter user wrote.

Turns out "The Bachelor" finale makes for a compelling silent film.

"No one can say Bachelor Nation is uncultured because we’re all watching a silent film on a Monday night," a tweet reads.

After a commercial break, the sound finally come back on. Was the show better silent? Up for debate. "Never mind, let’s go back to the sound off #bachelor,” one user wrote."

TODAY has reached out to ABC for comment.