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Al Roker’s return to ‘Proud Family’ as ‘Evil Al Roker’ gets a laugh from his co-anchors

Al says that years later, some millennials are still shocked to find out he's not just a cartoon character.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's weather anchor Al Roker sure can keep up with the seasons. 

Nearly two decades after making his debut on Disney Channel’s animated series “The Proud Family,” the longtime host has reprised his role as an evil version of himself. 

For Disney+’s reboot of the original series, called “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” the animated version of Roker was redesigned to account for the anchor’s change in glasses and his weight loss from a 2002 gastric bypass surgery

The upcoming episode is titled “When You Wish Upon a Roker.”

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“What would a 'Proud Family' reboot be without the master of mischief himself, Mr. Al Roker?” Carson Daly quipped during Tuesday’s episode of Pop Start Plus, which shared an exclusive preview of Al Roker’s return. 

The sneak peek sees the anchor back at the Proud family household eager to wreak havoc on the main character Penny’s life just as he did in the early 2000s for the episodes “Tween Town” and “Twins to Tweens.” 

Both episodes portrayed Roker as a scheming antagonist who grants Penny’s wishes with unforeseen costs. Roker’s last appearance in the original series saw him trick Penny into making a wish which turns her infant twin siblings, BeBe and CeCe, into teenagers who don’t need her.

“I got a big promotion out of that! I’m working directly with the big guy downstairs,” the updated cartoon version of Roker grins after recalling the chaotic events of the episode which first aired in 2004.

That same year, “The Proud Family” won a BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Animated Series and was also nominated for an NAACP Image Award for the fourth time. During its run, the original series was praised for its depiction of African American culture and has continued to be a source of nostalgia for millennials.

“There are kids or young adults who come up to me now and say they didn’t know I did the weather,” Roker explained during the POP Start preview of the newest episode. “They just knew me from the ‘Proud Family.’” 

The clip of the cartoon rendition of his character also had Roker's colleagues in stitches.

“Oh my god!” Hoda exclaimed during the segment as the other co-anchors remarked on his likeness to his animated character. “That is awesome.”

The latest episode, which features Roker, streams Wednesday on Disney+.