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Hilarious 'SNL' sketch shows what happens when nagging couples shop together

Rami Malek and Aidy Bryant try to find their perfect mattress by acting out "real life" scenarios.
/ Source: TODAY

Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” hosted by Rami Malek had some standout sketches, including a country parody track about “Squid Game” with Pete Davidson. Later in the show, Malek joined forces with Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang for a hilarious sketch that tackled mattress shopping as a nagging couple.

Malek and Bryant played husband and wife while Yang worked as an associate at a mattress store called SleepyTown USA. The two actors begin the sketch by testing out one of the mattresses, each making comments about how soft it feels. They tell Yang that they’re stuck between two mattresses, so they decide to run through a few sleep scenarios to test out how each will perform in their day-to-day life, per Bryant’s suggestion.

To preface the first scenario, Malek tells Yang, “Sometimes, I get home late from work and it just wakes her up.”

Bryant pretends to sleep on her side of the mattress while Malek quietly climbs into the bed without disturbing her. However, she feels his presence, commenting, “Well, well, well, look who’s finally home. Where were you?”

Rami Malek and Aidy Bryant in "Mattress Store."Saturday Night Live / NBC

"Denise, you’re awake,” Malek said, his voice dripping with disdain.

In a dramatic turn of events, Bryant ends up accusing her husband for being out all night drinking with other women. Malek asks, “Can we not do this, Denise?”

“Oh, so I’m the problem,” she yells. “Go to hell!”

Immediately after her faux outburst, Bryant turns to Yang and says in a happy tone, “This feels good, right? I love it.”

In another scenario, the two exchange “goodnights,” letting a second of silence go by before Bryant comments that Malek was being “weird” at a party they attended that night. Malek explained that he was simply having fun before Bryant interjected, saying, “You kept talking to Andrea and Andrea is a b—tch!”

“Am I on trial you nagging shrew?” Malek yells before the two end their role-play and say in unison, “This is nice.”

Bryant added, “Honestly, I almost fell asleep.”

“No, you guys were doing a little play,” Yang pointed out.

“No, no Richard, not that gun… get the killing gun!”Saturday Night Live / NBC

In a later scenario, things become high stakes and take an even more dramatic turn. Pretending to be asleep, Bryant then wakes up and screams, claiming there is an intruder in their house.

“I’ll get the gun,” Malek says before leaning back to pull a handgun out from under the pillow, to which Yang asks incredulously, “When did you put that there?”

Bryant seems to be stopping him before she says, “No, no Richard, not that gun… get the killing gun!”

The actor then pulls out a rifle from under her pillow, handing it over to Malek who pretends to shoot the killer, narrating his actions. Afterwards, he throws the gun off to the side before he and Bryant begin to makeup.

Yang, finally fed up with their antics, interjects and says, “Okay, alright, enough, enough, enough. Please, do you want to buy this mattress or what?”

Bryant, still in character in the this scenario, then says, “Oh God, the intruder is still alive and he has your gun! Bang!”

Malek, who gets “shot,” pretends to die a slow, dramatic death on the end of the mattress while Bryant kneels over him, hysterical.

“My husband is dead!” she yells to end the sketch. “He’s dead in our bed from SleepyTown!”

"SNL" fans are loving the sketch.

One person wrote on YouTube, "This was seriously one of the best 'SNL' sketches I have seen in a long time. Such a great concept and consistently funny."

Another added, "Perhaps the funniest 'SNL' skit this season so far. Great comic acting by all three."

"These new writers are killing it this season," commented another.