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Savannah Guthrie shares story of how she broke up with Mike Feldman the same day he proposed

The big day actually got off to a rocky start.
/ Source: TODAY

The day Savannah Guthrie and Mike Feldman got engaged started out a little rocky, but it definitely had a happy ending.

During TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Savannah — who is filling in as co-host for Hoda Kotb while she enjoys time with her new baby — told Jenna Bush Hager about her “crazy” proposal story.

While discussing Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s picture-perfect proposal at sunset on the beach in the Bahamas, Savannah reminisced about her own big day — which started with her breaking up with Mike!

The two had been dating for five and a half years when they went on a trip to Turks and Caicos, with the idea of marriage weighing on Savannah’s mind since they had been together for so long. “It got to the point where no one thought we were ever going to get married — including us, especially including me,” she explained.

“We were kind of at that point in life where it was like, we’re either going to have to decide to get married or we’re just going to have to love each other but let each other go.”

On Saturday morning during their trip, she had to tell him. “I was like, ‘Sweetie, I love you so much, but if we can’t decide, then I think we’ve decided,’” she said.

Mike said he understood but convinced her to have a nice day together anyway. She said that while they hung out, she cried wondering if she had ruined her life since she loved him so much.

But little did she know he had already purchased a ring and was planning to propose later that day.

“That night, the sun was going down, and he was like, ‘Let’s open that Champagne they sent us.’” And that’s when he asked her to marry him.

“I thought about it for about .2 seconds,” Savannah recalled. “I was like, ‘Yessss!’”

“I think he is so courageous and amazing, because I think most guys who ask in this day and age, they know what the answer is, and he really didn’t,” she said. “But he did it anyway, and I just always thought that took such bravery and meant so much to me.”

She added that it’s their favorite story to tell. “It’s funny, sometimes life gives you an unusual story.”

Jenna shared her own engagement story, too. She and Henry Hager were camping in Maine, and she was a little grumpy. “In theory I love camping out, but in actuality if I don’t sleep, I turn into a real monster,” she said.

Of course, her mood was immediately lifted when he proposed (with a Secret Service man there also!) during the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, the first place where the sun hits the United States.

So sweet!