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Savannah and Jenna share update after visiting Hoda and 'adorable' baby Hope

Hoda, her family and the new bundle of joy are all doing well!
/ Source: TODAY

The TODAY family is still over the moon for Hoda Kotb's exciting baby news.

Savannah Guthrie opened Wednesday's show by reminding viewers Willie Geist was filling in for Hoda because she and partner Joel Schiffman adopted a baby to give 2-year-old Haley Joy a little sister.

"If you haven't heard the news, Hoda's got a new baby girl at home, little Hope!" Savannah gushed before revealing she and Jenna Bush Hager paid Hoda and Hope a visit Tuesday.

"Jenna and I went right over, right after the show. I don't even know if we were invited, but we went in and we saw the baby," she said. "She's adorable. Hoda is doing great and is just so happy and pleased. It's really wonderful."

The baby news was also a subject on PopStart, when Dylan Dreyer revealed Hoda was trending on Twitter after making her big announcement, while several celebrities passed along congratulations.

"She is just in her bliss," Savannah said of Hoda.

"I know she's got a newborn, 'cause I got a text from Hoda at 3:35 a.m.," Willie joked.

During TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Jenna and guest co-host Savannah discussed their visit with Hoda and her growing brood. The pair admitted they probably weren't even invited but couldn't help themselves.

"We wanted to see baby Hope," Savannah said.

They also shared a photo from the visit; it shows Savannah holding baby Hope next to a beaming Haley Joy, who is sandwiched between Hoda and Jenna.

"We went over and we saw — look at that, baby Hope in Savannah's arms. And that precious Haley, who was so in awe of her baby sister. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen," Jenna said.

Savannah also brought up the close bond Haley already has with her new sister, saying, "She literally gets under Hope's bassinet, because she wants to be close to her."

"The fact that they wanted to be so close to each other," Jenna continued, "this is what Hoda's prayed for. And she actually has prayed for a baby sister for Haley, because she and her sister are so close."

Savannah and Jenna then stumbled onto an idea for a whole new TV project for Hoda.

"I was just thinking about this because, of course, we have Haley and Hope, and Hoda's sister is Hala, so they've got a whole 'h' thing going," Savannah said.

"They are like the new Kardashians! They could have their own show!" Jenna said.

"Instead of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' it could be 'Hanging Out With Hoda, Haley, Hope and Hala,'" Savannah suggested.

"But don't leave this show, 'cause we just started," Jenna joked.

Hoda broke the news she had adopted Hope in a phone call to the show Tuesday morning.

"I'm feeding her, and I can't believe it,'' a tearful Hoda said. "I'm so happy she's here!"

During Tuesday's fourth hour, Hoda also revealed why she and Joel chose the name Hope.

"The name came because there are a lot of women out there who are hoping that their day is coming, too, and I know the feeling of it not happening for a long time," she said.