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Savannah Guthrie and Jimmy Fallon talk children's books, bedtime stories

Savannah shared laughs and parenting jokes with "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon last night while discussing her children's book, "Princesses Wear Pants."
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY’s own Savannah Guthrie stayed up late last night to spend some time with Jimmy Fallon.

The "Tonight Show" host brought Savannah on to talk about her latest project: a children’s book, "Princesses Wear Pants," largely inspired by her adorable daughter, Vale.

In typical Fallon fashion, however, the pair covered everything from Fallon’s own daughters — Winnie, 4, and Frances, 2 — to the status of children’s literature.

At one point, Savannah got a bit confused with the ages of both of their pant-wearing princesses.

“How old are your kids?” Fallon asked her. “4 and 9 months,” Guthrie quickly responded before correcting herself. “Why did I say 4? Oh my gosh, I’m up so late. She’s 3! Your baby’s 4, my baby’s 3!”

Guthrie again put the spotlight back on Fallon when she reminded viewers that Fallon, too, authored a children’s book.

“Your book, you’re selling a bazillion copies of it, and there’s no words! It just says DADA over and over again!... (My book) is like Victorian literature compared to that,” Guthrie joked.

The two shared many laughs, but before Fallon let Guthrie finally go to sleep, the TODAY anchor explained the meaning behind her bedtime read.

“When you really think about what is a princess, she’s a girl in a leadership role,” Guthrie explained. And that’s nothing to joke about!