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Sacha Baron Cohen tried to get O.J. Simpson to admit to Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman murders

Disguised as an Italian playboy, the British comedian had an awkward interview with the disgraced football star that aired on Sunday's finale of "Who Is America?"
/ Source: TODAY

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed O.J. Simpson for Sunday night's finale of his controversial Showtime series "Who Is America," an awkward exchange that featured the disguised comedian trying to prod Simpson into confessing to murder.

Disguised as an Italian playboy named Gio Monaldo, Baron Cohen awkwardly joked with Simpson about wanting to murder his own girlfriend, and tried unsuccessfully to get the former NFL great to admit to killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Moments into the video, which Deadline reported was filmed with a hidden camera, Baron Cohen, dressed as Monaldo, introduces Simpson to a woman he calls his girlfriend. As he attempts to explain who Simpson is to her, he mimics a stabbing motion, causing her to laugh in recognition.

"She’s gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her, you know," Baron Cohen says later. "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon — oopsy daisy!"

"Oopsy daisy," Simpson replies, laughing along.

Simpson, 71, was released from prison in October after serving nine years for a 2007 kidnapping and robbery in Las Vegas.

In 1995, he was famously acquitted of murder in the killings of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. He was later found liable for their deaths in a civil case and ordered to pay $33.5 million to their families.

During the sit-down with Simpson, Baron Cohen explained he had a business partner who wanted a private meeting to discuss Simpson's ex-wife.

"He’s obsessed about what happened the night with the wife and he wants you to tell him," Baron Cohen says.

"What wife?" Simpson asks.

"The one you shot,'' Baron Cohen replies.

"Well, first of all, she wasn’t my wife," Simpson says. "We had been divorced and separated for two years. Except that I didn’t do it ... I didn't get away with nothing."

Baron Cohen also joked that if he did kill his girlfriend, he would have Simpson introduce him to Johnnie Cochran, the lawyer who helped get Simpson acquitted for the 1994 murders. Cochran died in 2005.

"I’d have to introduce you in the afterlife," Simpson says.

"What, you didn’t kill him too, did you?" Baron Cohen jokes.

"Stop! Jesus Christ, man!" Simpson replies.

Simpson joins a long list of high-profile figures duped by Baron Cohen for the series, among them former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Senate candidate Roy Moore, and Sarah Palin.

In Cheney's case, the former vice president agreed to autograph a "waterboard kit," while Moore, who during his Senate campaign in Alabama last year was accused of having sexually assaulted teenage girls in his past, allowed the comedian to use a phony "pedophile detector" on him.

In July, Palin came out publicly to say she had been duped by Baron Cohen, but her interview never aired. Her name was listed under "Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent)" during the credits of Sunday's finale.

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