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Bobbie Thomas shares inspiring advice Little Big Town singer gave her after husband’s death

Kimberly Schlapman reached out to the TODAY contributor after Thomas' husband, Michael Marion, died in 2020.

Bobbie Thomas returned to TODAY on Thursday for her first studio appearance since the death of her husband, Michael Marion, in 2020.

While catching up with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, Thomas revealed a helpful piece of advice that Kimberly Schlapman from Little Big Town told her while she was grieving Marion's death.

Kimberly Schlapman
Little Big Town singer Kimberly Schlapman gave Bobbie Thomas a tip that helped her after she lost her husband, Michael.Erika Goldring / WireImage

Thomas said Schlapman understood how she felt since the "Girl Crush" singer lost her first husband, Steven Roads, from a heart attack in 2005.

"Never in a million years did I think a country star would reach out to offer comfort, but she had lost her husband in 2005. And one day, I was driving in the car and she called me on the phone and she said, 'Do you miss being touched?' And I thought, 'Yeah,'" Thomas recalled. "She said, 'You need to book a massage.' And that was such a good tip for me."

Thomas noted that she wanted to share that tip for anyone who misses being touched, especially since she's been showering her son, Miles, with hugs.

"Miles is like 6 1/2, 7, and he's at that age where he's like, 'Mom, you're hugging me so much right now,'" she shared. "I'm like, 'I'm going to squeeze you. Just stay still.'"

In 2020, Thomas’ husband died at age 42 from medical complications. The amount of support she received after Marion's death inspired her to write an essay for TODAY about how she's been dealing with everything.

"It’s hard to explain, but knowing that you aren’t alone, even when you feel like you are, can be the difference between a good day and an awful one," she wrote. "Now my wish is to boomerang all that support back — with my whole heart."

When asked about that part of the essay, Thomas told Jenna that she wrote that because she wasn't sure if she felt strong enough to say it out loud in their interview.

"I feel like it's so important to give yourself the grace to have those feelings and not have words for them," she said. "But more importantly, know that other people have those big feelings too. And kindness is allowing the grace for other people to have that. We all just want to feel like we're wanted."

Thomas is now working on her new project, "Dear Bobbie." She'll be giving helpful advice to viewers who are facing difficulties in their lives.

"The only reason I'm here is because of how many people, even last night, sharing such personal stories with me," she said. "I just want to see you and I want to help in any way I can. If it's just something as simple as just helping you find new girlfriends, lipstick. I don't care. We'll fly on a plane upside down."