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Scarlett Johansson explains why husband Colin Jost is an 'eye cream connoisseur'

The actor also surprisingly revealed that she never used an eye cream before starting her own skincare line.
/ Source: TODAY

Laugh lines can come for anyone — that’s probably why “Saturday Night Live” host and comedian Colin Jost is a subscriber to eye cream.

During an interview with Willie Geist on “Sunday Sitdown,” Scarlett Johansson — who has been married to the host since 2020 and shares a child with him— spoke about her skincare company, The Outset, and revealed how his expertise helped with the testing of her product line.

“Colin was our eye cream connoisseur,” she explained, adding that before creating her new line, she’d never used an eye cream before.

According to Johansson, her husband's experience with the anti-aging product came in handy soon after she revealed her lack of experience to her business partner, actor Kate Foster. Johansson said that Foster's reaction to the admission was to balk and say, “Scarlett! You’re not using eye cream?” 

“I was like, well, I want to learn, you know, and Colin uses it every day,” she explained, adding that because so much of the new line's testing occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jost became the eye cream expert. “I got him to switch to The Outset eye cream.”

“He looks great. He’s never looked better,” Geist quipped. “So youthful.”

“He is! He’s, like, de-aging,” she replied with a laugh. “It’s very annoying.”

Johansson spoke to TODAY about The Outset earlier this year in March. During her appearance, the actor touched on how the new daily skincare routine focuses on men as much as women.

“I read that 30% of (The Outset’s) customers are men,” Savannah Guthrie said during the segment which Johansson enthusiastically confirmed "Yes!"

‘I have been interested in skincare forever,” Johansson added. “When I started this line, my friends all rejoiced because they know how obsessed I am with skin.”

More than her anecdotes about her husband's passion for eye cream, Johansson has spoken about her love for Jost’s sense of humor and kindness.

“He’s going probably not want me to say this. But, he’s the sweetest, menschiest, nicest guy,” she explained during a sit down appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

“He says everything that everybody is thinking, but nobody can say,” she added.