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Why Jessica Simpson moved her family to Nashville for the summer

The singer said that being in the Music City has revitalized her music career.

Jessica Simpson is following her bliss, and it has led her to Nashville.

For National Dog Day, the pop music icon spoke to “E! News” correspondent Keltie Knight about her latest partnership with PetSafe and what she has in store.

Speaking about her family life and goals, the singer revealed that she recently relocated with her husband and children from Los Angeles to the Tennessee city — at least for a while.

Jessica Simpson family beach
Jessica Simpson spends time on the beach with her husband and three children.@jessicasimpson via Instagram

Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, moved with their kids Maxwell Drew, 11, Ace Knute, 10, and Birdie Mae, 4, and are renting a house in the Music City. According to Simpson, renting is a "hilarious experience."

“I used thumbtacks to hang these $40 curtains up so I wouldn’t wake up with the sun,” she told “E! News.” “I put together a TV with a butter knife. I was looking for a screwdriver, but I went to the wrong place. I went to Walgreens, I got lip gloss instead.” 

Simpson said the change in location has led to a change in outlook.

“Being in Nashville, even my kids are like, ‘You laugh the whole time. You’re so happy,’” Simpson said. “It’s because I’m not on guard. I’m with a lot of like-minded people. It’s not about the celebrities — it’s really about the music and the heart and the conversation.”

Simpson's kids have been affected by fame, too, she said while speaking to “Access Hollywood."

“Now my kids see me being still scrutinized, and it’s very confusing to them,” Simpson said. “They’re like, ‘Well, I don’t even understand this.’ Like, ‘Why don’t they just say you look pretty, Mommy? You look pretty.’”

Years after putting her music career on pause to raise her children, Simpson says that her move to Nashville has revitalized her interest in her music career.

“I’m not nervous at all, but if you were to ask me two years ago when I was talking about coming back to music, I was frightened,” Simpson explained to “E! News.” “But now, I know exactly what I want.”

Now, Simpson is focusing on producing her music her way. The Jessica Simpson Collection founder explained that she's ready for her comeback, which she says has been 12 years in the making.

“I’m building my own platform. I’m doing it for the first time — the way I would — without a label telling me I need to do this song or use this producer. It’s all me.”

Speaking to “Extra” reporter Terri Seymour, Simpson said that she's ready to produce music that reflects her purpose. She also shared that she's looking to “have some of my southern roots back while I am in the recording studio.”

“It gives me chills thinking about it because I know that whenever I open this big old trap of mine, a lot is going to come out, and it’s going to be really powerful,” she explained. “I finally feel connected enough to my purpose in music, and I know exactly what it is I want to do. It’s very exciting.”