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Why is Beyoncé sending flowers to Jack White, Mickey Guyton, and more?

The Grammy-winning artist is giving people their flowers, literally.
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Beyoncé has a knack for giving people their flowers, both figuratively and literally.

Over the last few months and following the release of her 8th studio album, "Cowboy Carter" on March 29, Beyoncé has sent flowers to a slew of artists including rapper Nicki Minaj, Jack White of rock duo White Stripes and country singer Mickey Guyton, among others.

After some of the artists shared the elaborate, all white floral arrangements on social media, fans went online to praise Beyoncé's generosity and her sweet words of encouragement.

"Beyoncé giving all the girls flowers and never being jealous of anyone’s success. She’s really the MOTHER of the music industry," one fan tweeted.

"If it’s one thing Beyoncé gone do... its send the girls flowers," another said.

"Beyoncé is nice. She doesn’t care whether or not you care for her. She’s gonna give you, your flowers," a third said.

Read on to learn more about why Beyoncé is sending flowers and some of those who made the list.

Why is Beyoncé sending flowers?

Though Beyoncé hasn't publicly opened up about her reason for sending flowers to people, she has sent personal messages on cards, in which she thanks recipients for their work and impact in their industry.

In 2022, Beyoncé sent Sheryl Lee Ralph flowers with a note reading, "To the original Dreamgirl, Sending you a beautiful congratulations. All my Love, Beyoncé."

Ralph originated the "Dreamgirls" role on Broadway that Beyoncé portrayed in the 2006 film. Ralph had just won her first Emmy for her role in sitcom "Abbott Elementary," so congratulations were in order.

Years later, fans are still impressed that Beyoncé continues to send flowers and notes to her peers, her inspirations and those who look up to her.

"One of the main reasons I believe she’s still on top is because she continues to uplift, credit, and give flowers to deserving, unappreciated, and upcoming artists which I think is the beauty of Beyoncé’s newer work," one fan said.

"Beyoncé doesn’t have a single hateful bone in her body. Y’all can try to pit her against others, but she’s only gonna uplift them and give them their flowers. I love that woman," another added.

"BEYONCE does your florist ever sleep?!?" a fan asked.

Who has Beyoncé sent flowers to and what did her message say?

Over the years, recipients of Beyoncé’s flowers have included Andra Day, Katie Couric, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Megan Thee Stallion.

But her sweet gesture has seemingly received more attention as of late following the release of "Cowboy Carter" and her recent deliveries to country musicians like Mickey Guyton and K. Michelle.

Here's a list of some of the recipients of Beyoncé's bouquets.

Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet, a newly minted three-time Grammy winner, posted to her Instagram Story April 17 the flower arrangement she received from Beyoncé.

In the sweet video, Monet is seen handing her toddler Hazel the card that came with the bouquet after asking her if she wanted to see it. She then asked Hazel if she knew who sent the gift, and Hazel responded, "Beyoncé" with a smile.

"Thank you so much," Hazel said after her mom's prompt.

"They're beautiful. Thank you so much," Monet added, with Hazel echoing, "They're beautiful."

Beyonce flowers
Victoria Monet's daughter Hazel is all smiles after Beyoncé gave a special batch of flowers to her mom.@victoriamonet via Instagram

Monet's sweet gift from Beyoncé’ follows her viral April 15 Coachella performance. Monet said on X, formerly known as Twitter, that she watched Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance to prepare for her own.

Beyoncé praised Monet's performance in the card.

"Congratulations on your beautiful Coachella performance. Sending you love, B."

In Monet's video caption, she said her "heart is BEAMING!!!"

"Thank you so much. Mind blown and so grateful," she wrote.

Dawn Staley

Dawn Staley, head coach of the women’s basketball team at South Carolina shared her Beyoncé bouquet on social media April 17, complete with a "Always Been Country" t-shirt that she also received. Staley and her team won the 2024 women's college basketball championship game on April 7, defeating Iowa 87-75. With her win, Staley became the first Black coach to lead a women’s team to an undefeated NCAA Division I championship season.

"A video thank you," Staley said to begin her lively clip. "Look at the flowers. I ain't even think they grow these here in South Carolina. Look at the merchandise. If you know, you know."

Staley then shared what Beyoncé wrote in the card.

"But I'm going to read this card, and if you know, you know," she said. "To Coach Staley and the entire South Carolina Gamecocks, me and my family watched your games and cheered you on through the entire season."

A celebratory Staley read that line a second time before getting to the rest of the card.

"I am so proud of you. All my love," the message concluded.

Staley then had "Texas Hold 'Em" queued up and thanked Beyoncé and her family by name before shifting to giving the singer a solo shout out.

"Bey, thank you, we appreciate you. We're honored to wear your gear," she said.

Mickey Guyton

Beyoncé sent a bouquet to Guyton, who became the first Black solo female artist to be nominated for a Grammy in the country music category. 

Guyton, who has been outspoken about her experience as a Black woman in the genre, shared a photo posing with the bouquet on Instagram March 29, as well as a snap of the note enclosed with the flowers.

“Thank you for opening doors for me, queen,” the note read. “Keep shining. Love and respect, Beyoncé.”

Mickey Guyton
Beyoncé pens a sweet message to Mickey Guyton.@mickeyguyton / Instagram

In the caption, Guyton reflected on the moment, writing, “With opportunity comes possibility. The possibilities are endless with you @beyonce.”

“God gave me an assignment and I followed,” she added. “May the doors continue to stay wide open.”

K. Michelle

Beyoncé also sent flowers to “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star K. Michelle, who collaborated with Justin Champagne on the song “Country Love Song” for her official country debut in 2023.

K. Michelle shared a photo of the note on Instagram March 29 Beyoncé sent along with the flowers, as well as snaps of the bouquet itself.

“You’re killing it! I love what you’ve been doing and I know it’s not easy to enter a new space,” the note from the singer read. “Sending you positivity and respect. I hope to meet you one day. Love, Beyoncé.”

In the caption, K. Michelle described the gesture as “one of the nicest things EVER,” adding that she was “in tears.”

“Thank you for giving me my flowers, they are so beautiful,” she added. “I’m so nervous about FINALLY getting to put out my first country album, and this just fueled the fire. I’m so motivated. Congratulations on another ICONIC ALBUM AND ERA. Look forward to seeing you soon.”

K. Michelle concluded her caption with a nod to Beyoncé, adding, “Do your thing Cowboy Carter @beyonce YOU ROCK. So much love and support 4u.”

Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp, star of the “Mean Girls” musical remake, shared on Instagram Feb. 17 that she received flowers from Beyoncé.

“Being seen by your hero is the most indescribable feeling. beyoncé you are my inspiration.. you are everything to me. I’m speechless,” she said.

Rapp has been vocal about Beyoncé's influence on her and her self-esteem, noting that “Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child was impactful to her.

“I had body dysmorphia and feeling like I had too much of an a--," she told Billboard earlier this year. "If I felt badly about my body, my mother would make me sing ‘Bootylicious,’ and it was everything to me.”

Nicki Minaj

The "Pink Friday" rapper posted her card and bouquet from Beyoncé on social media March 27, saying "thank you."

Beyoncé's handwritten note read, "I just received your nail collection and I have them. Thank you so much for thinking of me and congratulations on your launch and tour.

Minaj launched her press-on nail company Pink Friday Nails March 15. The artist is also currently on tour through July.

Jack White

White posted his bouquet from Beyoncé on Instagram April 2.

"I hope you are well. I just wanted you to know how much you inspired me on this record," she wrote, referring to "Cowboy Carter."

White thanked her for the love in his caption of the post.

"What a sweet gesture to receive here in Nashville this morning from the talented and gracious @beyonce  celebrating her new Cowboy Carter album," he said. "Much love and respect to you Madam, and thank you kindly. Keep making beautiful and powerful music, nobody sings like you."

Beyonce flowers
@victoriamonet via Instagram