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Ariana Grande's 'Eternal Sunshine' is being called her 'best album.' Here's how fans reacted

In "Eternal Sunshine," Grande sings about a failed relationship that led to a new romance.

Ariana Grande's new album, "Eternal Sunshine," has garnered a lot of attention online.

The "Yes, And?" singer released the new body of work on Friday, March 8, which is also International Women’s Day, and so far, fans have been raving about it on X.

"Ariana dropping her best album on international women’s day is so real," one person wrote.

Another said, "Eternal sunshine is ariana’s dreamiest sounding album i can’t explain."

A third wrote, "No ariana you NEED to make this entire album a VISUAL album……… it’s a NECESSITY."

In "Eternal Sunshine," Grande sings about a failed relationship, which made listeners think she was talking about her marriage to Dalton Gomez.

After hearing her sing about being cheated on by someone she dated, fans were quick to react online, pointing at Gomez.

“Ariana’s voice breaking at the end of ‘i wish i hated you’ dalton gomez … you have sold your LAST home," one person shared on X.

In May 2021, Gomez and Grande got married after 11 months of dating. Two years later, they separated in July 2023, and in that same month, Grande began dating her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater.

In the album's title track, Grande sang about a new relationship she was in. Although she didn't name any names, many people thought that she was referring to Slater.

“Ariana grande breaking up with cheater dalton gomez & finding her eternal sunshine (ethan slater),” one person tweeted with the red heart, sunshine, and face smiling with tears emoji.

However, in Grande's interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, she said she actually called her album "Eternal Sunshine" because she was inspired by the movie, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

In the film, characters wipe their memories of their partner after going through a nasty split.

“I think the movie is so beloved because so many people can relate to knowing that something isn’t right, but loving so much, and wanting to stay, and wanting to figure it out, and that cycle that can happen in the film," she said. "I think that’s why the film is so beloved. It’s because so many people can relate to it, and I think it kind of fell into place that these songs had little tidbits of that theme. I just felt really inspired by it."

Grande alluded to the film in her new music video, "We can’t be friends (wait for your love)."

In the clip, viewers see Grande as Peaches, a woman who seeks a happier life by erasing all the memories she had of her ex.

"Gonna erase my memory so i can hear this for the first time again," one person commented on the video on YouTube.

"One of her best music videos. so beautiful," Another said.

When it came to her full album, it appeared that fans couldn't get enough of "Eternal Sunshine."

"10/10 album like y’all doubted Ariana but she prevailed," an X user wrote online.

Another said, "What did ariana put in eternal sunshine that album is literally on repeat 24/7."