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Ryan Gosling admits there's a moment in 'La La Land' that still 'haunts' him

“Everyone told me it wasn’t cool,” the actor recalled of his regrettable choice.
/ Source: TODAY

Ryan Gosling says he made a big mistake during filming of the 2016 movie musical "La La Land" that still “haunts” him.

The 43-year-old actor, who was nominated for a best actor Oscar for his role opposite Emma Stone in the film, told WSJ. Magazine that he wishes he could reshoot the famous dance sequence featured in an image on the movie's promo poster.

It all has to do with the troubling position of his hand, Gosling explained.

"There's a moment that haunts me, where we're dancing, Emma and I. I didn’t know this would become the poster for the movie," Gosling says in a video interview with the publication.

After a heavy sigh, Gosling goes on to explain that he and Stone were both supposed to hold their hands up in the air with their palms facing out. But he thought it would be "cool" if he held his hand differently from Stone, with his palm facing down.

"Everyone told me it wasn't cool," the actor recalls of his regrettable choice, noting that he dug his heels in even further after others disagreed with him.

"Now when I look at it — and I have to see it all the time — you know what would have been cooler than this?" he asks, holding his hand in the same position as it appears on the poster.

la la land poster
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the poster for "La La Land."Amason

"That," he responds, holding his hand the same way Stone holds hers in the pic.

"It just killed the energy that way," says Gosling, putting his hand again in the position he chose. "It was sort of, like, all leading to, what? It was just like a lazy — I call it 'La La Hand.'"

In his new movie, "The Fall Guy," Gosling plays Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman eager to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, a film director named Jody Moreno, played by Emily Blunt.

Gosling and Blunt appeared together at the movie's April 30 premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Gosling also walked the event's red carpet dressed as Beavis and Butt-Head alongside "Saturday Night Live" star Mikey Day.

The two actors first portrayed the throwback cartoon characters in a now-famous "SNL" sketch when Gosling hosted the show (with a guest appearance by Blunt) on April 13.

The zany sketch, which also starred "SNL" cast members Heidi Gardner and Kenan Thompson, went viral after Gardner broke character to laugh uncontrollably at the sight of Day costumed as Butt-Head.