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Colleen Hoover addresses an 'It Ends With Us' mistake — and how they’re fixing it in the movie

The author explained why the character Ryle is being portrayed as older in the movie adaptation of "It Ends With Us."

Colleen Hoover’s film adaptation of “It Ends With Us” means a chance to erase some old mistakes.

While talking with TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager, the author touched on what has been a bit of a hot topic for devoted fans of her series, which is currently being adapted into a feature film.

Blake Lively, 35, is currently taking on the novel’s lead character Lily, who is 23 years old in the story. It’s a concept some fans have taken issue with for a number of reasons, from the actor and the character’s differences in hair color down to their ages. For some, the problems became louder with the casting of Justin Baldoni as Lily's husband Ryle, being that he is 39 and older than the novel's portrayal of the character.

According to Hoover, Lily’s age had a domino effect. To avoid making Ryle too much older than Lily, the author set his age at 30. As a result, Ryle became an impractical anomaly, given how long it can take to become a doctor, let alone to train as a neurosurgeon.

“As an author, we make mistakes,” she explained in her interview with a laugh. “There’s no 28-year-old neurosurgeons, you know? You go to school for 15 years. And so to make corrections to what I messed up in the book, we aged the characters up somewhat.”

“I love that there’s discourse surrounding it, I do,” she went on to add. “I think that people are going to be very pleased. I’m very pleased.”