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Mario Lopez revisits past hairstyles and re-creates 'Saved by the Bell' look

The actor and television host sat in for pal Ellen DeGeneres Monday and took a trip down memory lane — all the way back to his mullet days!
/ Source: TODAY

A.C. Slater is back! Or at least his hair is.

Former “Saved by the Bell” star Mario Lopez served as guest host on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday, and while there, he introduced a new game called “Oh, Hair No, Mario!” that took him all the way back to his days at Bayside High.

“While my dimples never really change, my hair — thank God — definitely has,” he told the audience before offering up proof in the form of a trio of flashback photos showing off his bold styles from 1990 to 2003.

The first do up was the last chronologically and looked most like his current style, except for what Lopez dubbed a “spiky look” that he teamed up with an expression of ... “I don’t know what that scowl is or if it’s a smolder or I just smelled something bad.”

Mario Lopez looks back on his hairstyles
The many styles of Mario Lopez.Getty Images

No matter what you call the look, it was something he said he couldn’t even fake anymore, since it's "a young swag from back in the day.”

So he moved on to the next style on his list — featuring a hairdo “Saved by the Bell” fans will remember well.

“OK, see! I’m rocking a Jheri curl right there,” he laughed. “There’s a significant amount of product in my wig and peep the finger-point.”

And then he told viewers to peep an actual wig he brought along to re-create those curly locks — and that finger-point pose.

But the real fun came when he showcased a shot of himself from 1990, just one year into his run on the teen sitcom and right in the midst of his mullet-having heyday.

“Finally, you know how Ellen always makes fun of herself because she used to have a mullet? Well, she’s not alone,” Lopez said as he revealed the throwback shirtless pic. He added a deadpanned warning for any ladies watching, saying, “By the way, please don’t stare at that for too long. You might get pregnant.”

And if they stared at what followed, they were sure to be entertained as Lopez decided to re-create that look, too.

Mario Lopez looks back on his hairstyles
Mario Lopez brings back the mullet on Monday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show."The Ellen Show

“You know what though? It’s just not the same without taking off my shirt. So you know what I’m going to do?” he teased as he grabbed his buttons. “I’m going to go to break!”