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Watch Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey re-create famous scene from 'The Office'

The actresses had a tough time keeping straight faces while re-enacting a scene about the death of Angela's cat, Sprinkles.
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of "The Office" won't want to miss this special holiday treat!

Jenna Fisher recently joined her best friend and former co-star Angela Kinsey on her baking show "Baking with Josh and Ange" and hilariously tried to re-create one of the show's most famous scenes.

Fans remember the wacky episode from season four when the whole Dunder Mifflin gang visited Meredith (Kate Flannery) in the hospital after Michael (Steve Carell) hit her with his car.

In order for Angela (Kinsey) to join the others, she asked Dwight (Rainn Wilson) to visit her house during his lunch break to give medicine to her sick cat, Sprinkles. When Angela returned home she learned Sprinkles had died — and Dwight had put her body in the freezer. However, she discovered clues — like a bag of shredded frozen french fries — that made her wonder if Dwight stuck Sprinkles in the freezer alive.

As Fischer and Kinsey baked gingerbread cake pops, they attempted to re-create the famous scene when Angela goes to Pam (Fischer) to share her suspicions about Sprinkle's demise.

The only problem? They couldn't stop cracking up long enough to say their lines.

Kinsey even admitted that the BFF's laughing fits are the reason why they shared so few scenes together.

Fischer and Kinsey's fun get-together is just the latest exciting "Office" reunion.

Steve Carell SNL host
A mini-"Office" reunion happened when Steve Carell hosted "SNL" in November.SNL / NBC

In November, several of the show's stars showed up when Carell hosted "Saturday Night Live." One by one, Fischer, Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms popped up in the audience during Carrell's opening monologue to ask when they could all expect to do an "Office" reboot.

On Dec. 2, Kinsey tweeted a happy pic of the show's cast members enjoying brunch together.

"Some of the old gang got together today. It was so great to see everyone!" she wrote. "I turned to Ed and said, 'I feel like we are at a family reunion.' He smiled and said, 'We are.'"

Fischer shared the same pic, joking, "I had lunch with these oddballs today."

If the staging of the photo looked familiar, it was meant to. Fischer also shared throwback of the whole Dunder-Mifflin gang at one of their famous holiday parties.

"We were attempting to recreate this photo," she wrote, adding, "Happy Holidays!"