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Steve Carell got hit by a car while biking, but he somehow made it funny

Here's where a tuck-and-roll came in handy.
/ Source: TODAY

Stars usually love running into fans, and fans get a thrill out of running into their favorite celebrities.

But maybe not this way.

Steve Carell told Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday that a recent fan encounter he had involved him on a bicycle, and her in her car. An avid bicyclist, the "Welcome to Marwen" actor was out in full Lycra cycling outfit when he was hit.

"I made a turn and I didn't see the car behind me, and they hit me from behind, so I went up over the handlebars," he explained.

Fortunately, the 56-year-old knew to "tuck-and-roll" to avoid injury, and was not harmed. But the woman in the vehicle was a bit the worse for wear.

Ellen DeGeneres wondered why Steve Carell didn't stop by her studio more often, as he lives about two blocks from where it's taped in Burbank, California.Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"She was distraught, obviously, and I went over to her and my bike was sort of stuck under the front of her car, and she's saying, 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God! ... It's Steve Carell!'" he recalled.

Worry turned to excitement when she saw he wasn't hurt. "She was so excited that she hit me; it really was kind of a fun experience, like a fun fan encounter."

DeGeneres suggested that since his Lycra outfit was "a little scuffed up" he should wear an all-leather onesie for protection.

"If you get me a leather onesie bike outfit, I will ride it over here sometime," he promised.

Well, DeGeneres wasn't quite ready for that just yet (though we bet she has plans now), so she provided him with a light-up helmet and a high-visibility safety vest.

"No one is going to hurt you now," she assured him.

We certainly hope not!