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Jenna Bush Hager recommends 5 things to buy while reading 'Maame'

Some of her picks are inspired by the book. Others are simply for book lovers.

Jenna Bush Hager's latest Read With Jenna pick, "Maame," is a late-in-life coming-of-age story. Maddie, the main character, has a simple life at the beginning of the book: She looks after her father and goes to work — and that's about it.

After her father dies from complications of Parkinson's disease, Maddie begins to explore her own life. The book tracks her journey away from "Maame," the nickname her family gave her, which means "mother" or "woman" in Twi, the Ghanaian dialect her parents speak. The nickname seemed fitting in Maddie's case, since she ended up taking on a mothering role for everyone in her family.

During the Jenna's Bookshop segment of "TODAY with Hoda & Jenna," Jenna picked out a few products to complement your reading experience of "Maame," some of which tie into the book and Maddie's Ghanaian heritage and London upbringing. Others simply make reading easier (and make keeping up your streak easier, too).

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Jenna will sit down with author Jessica George at our next virtual book club event. The event will be streamed live and feature an extensive conversation with the author, breakout rooms where book club members can interact, and a few surprises. Sign up here.


Bellaa Decorative Bookends

Maddie is born and raised in London. These decorative book ends will put a bit of the union jack on your bookshelf. They're perfect for the English lit major in your life.

Page magnifier

MagniPros LED Page Magnifier

E-readers allow you to change the font size of a book. Print books are less flexible. This LED page magnifier solves that problem by allowing you to zoom in on the written word.


Burger Peanut Snacks

One hand on the book, the other hand in a bowl of snacks: it's the winner's way. This crunchy peanut snack is popular in Ghana.

Woven fruit tray and basket

HandmadebyAkua products are handwoven using elephant grass from northern Ghana. They'll add a bit of color and character to your kitchen or living room. As for what to put in the basket? Books, of course!

HandmadebyAkua Woven Fruit Tray

HandmadebyAkua Bolga Basket

HandmadebyAkua Woven Basket

Vibrant nail polish

Why nail polish? Simple. When you're holding the pages of a book, you can admire your hands.

Olive & June Grateful & Kind Nail Polish

Olive & June Geometry Nail Polish

Olive & June Hibiscus Nail Polish

Olive & June Bright & Focused Nail Polish