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Watch Ellen DeGeneres make Hillary Clinton laugh (and laugh and laugh)

The presidential race is serious business, but Hillary managed to see the silly side on Friday.
/ Source: TODAY

The presidential race is serious business, but one candidate saw the silly side on Friday.

With the final debate just days away, Hillary Clinton sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to take a closer look at last Sunday's debate — and it left her in stitches.

Of course, as anyone who watched the town hall face-off between Clinton and Donald Trump knows, there weren't really any laugh-out-loud moments. In fact, the only break between the tension and tough talk was the magnificent appearance of cardigan-clad hero Ken Bone.

But that was before DeGeneres got ahold of the footage and worked her magic — the same sort of magic that's put our own Matt Lauer in so many embarrassing and hilarious situations.

In DeGeneres' digitally altered version of the big event, it became more dance-off than debate.

"That was the best dancing I've ever done!" Clinton raved after laughing for almost a solid minute.

As for who was the winner, just like at the real event, we've got to hand this one to the man in the red sweater — Bone! — who showed off his moves right alongside the Democratic nominee.

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If you want more debate laughs, just check out another edit of the big night that made the rounds earlier this week. In this one, Clinton doesn’t bust out any wild dance moves, but that's just because her duet with Trump is more of a slow jam.

See what really happens at the next debate on Oct. 19, when Clinton and Trump face off at the University of Nevada.