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Damar Hamlin and Donna Kelce sit side-by-side at the Super Bowl 2023

Viewers were wondering what the two spoke about during the game.

Donna Kelce and Damar Hamlin sat next to each other at the Super Bowl 2023, following weeks for each in the headlines — for much different reasons.

Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, was nearly fatally injured during a game last month. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field in Ohio. Hamlin’s care team suspected it was caused by commotio cordis, which occurs when a person is hit in the heart during a specific point in the heart's cycle.

The Super Bowl pregame welcomed first responders from the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and University of Cincinnati Medical Center onto the field with Hamlin by their side.

Meanwhile, Kelce is the first mother to have two sons on opposing teams during the Super Bowl. She made an outfit to show her support for both of her sons, with half of her jacket decorated for the Philadelphia Eagles and the other for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce and Hamlin, unofficial stars of the evening, were also sitting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Online, people wondered this trio was talking about during the game.

Some predicted they were having a “wholesome” conversation. But not everyone was on board with the moment, with other viewers called the seating arrangement "painfully staged" and "random."

Either way, the neck-and-neck match between the Chiefs and the Eagles surely gave them something to talk about.