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Cat gets head stuck in vase, is hailed as 'Cleocatra' online

Cats are curious. Cats stick their heads in things. Sometimes, their heads don't come back out. Meet Cleo-catra, who learned the hard way.
/ Source: TODAY

Sweet kitty. Good kitty. Silly kitty.

OK, that's all the sympathy the feline becoming known around the Internet as "Cleo-catra" is gonna get: She's doing just fine, and that means we can let the fur fly.

Seriously, look at this glamour puss: Curiosity may not have killed this cat, but it has sure made her life con-fur-sing lately. As a Reddit user noted while posting this purr-cture, his friend's cat got its head "stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this."

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Which actually is pretty hiss-sterical (something we can say since it appears Cleocatra is under medical supervision now). She looks like the spitting image of Bastet, a goddess in ancient Egypt who was often represented as a woman with the head of a cat, or lioness, with heavy neckwear. Or one of the cats who were also worshipped, anyway.

Naturally, Redditors could not pass up this purr-fect opportunity to litter the site with jokes and puns:

"Your friend's cat has transcended the bindings of mere mortals and has become a deity," wrote one.

"I saw that joke coming from a Nile away," replied another.

"Tut, tut, let's not start a pun thread," came a third.

"This is starting to look like a pyramid scheme," wrote a fourth.

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Hey, don't be a sourpuss, we say. It's no cat-astrophe. Get yer claws out: the paw-sibilities are endless!

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