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Check out our favorite 'bad mom' moments here! (And remember: You're doing great!)

Ever have a moment when you felt like a "bad" mom? (Allow us to remind you: You really are doing a great job!)
/ Source: TODAY

Ever have a moment when you felt like a "bad" mom? (Allow us to remind you: You really are doing a great job!)

In anticipation for the movie "A Bad Moms Christmas," the sequel to the 2016 film "Bad Moms" starring Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, we asked about your best "bad mom" moment. Now we have three finalists showing their moment loud and proud, and we want you to vote for your favorite! One mom will win a trip for her and three guests to the premiere of "A Bad Moms Christmas" in Los Angeles. (See official rules for the contest here.)

Voting has ended but a big thank you to everyone who made their pick! We will reveal the winner soon but in the meantime enjoy our top three favorite "bad mom" moments.

Moment No. 1

Karla Lonergan

"I am a 57-year-old empty nester now. The daughter that drew this is 19 now. When she was in elementary school, she drew this picture for Mother's Day and it was put up in the school hallway for all to see. All the moms were invited for a Mother's Day Brunch. The picture was supposed to be of yourself and your mother and the assignment was to show "what you love on your shirts"" in the drawing. It wasn't long before another mom friend of mine said, 'Hey Karla, have you seen your picture in the hallway yet?' (She was chuckling as she walked away). OMG....a martini on my shirt!" -Karla Lonergan

Moment No. 2

"OK, so here's s my confession: I am a bad mom. Well, maybe not a real bad mom, just one who likes to tell elaborate white lies to her kids as a scare tactic. For instance, don't ever ride your bike without your helmet, because you could fall and you will crack your head open and have to go live at the hospital and not see mommy and daddy again. (No joke, I really did say that to my 4-year-old. And she believed me). There's other lies I tell my kids too. Like if I don't want to share something I'm eating, all I have to say is that it has chunks in it. Chunks, to a toddler, are a forbidden ingredient. It started with yogurt that had pieces of fruit mixed in. My child dramatically gagged, and since then, chunks have become my go-to response when I'm enjoying anything that my kids show interest in. Sorry, honey, there's chunks. Not sharing my favorite edible indulgences is a common theme around my house. You see, my ultimate luxury that I savor every single night is ice cream. But not just any ice cream. The kind that is wicked expensive and comes in unfairly small containers. It just doesn't seem right to share such a luxury with rugrats who consider boogers as part of their daily menu. Unfortunately, my chunks� tactic doesn't work on my kiddos when it comes to ice cream. So the bad mom in me had a lightbulb moment: hide it. Hide it where no kid would want to look. The magical place? Inside an empty bag of frozen broccoli. True story: Inside my freezer at this very moment is a seemingly full bag of frozen broccoli that is actually stuffed with multiple pints of Ben & Jerry's. (*cue evil mom laughter*). Bad mom antics don't stop here. There's a pile of baking supplies on my counter waiting to be turned into cookies for my daughter's class at school to celebrate her birthday which was in September. There's a check in my purse to pay for the daycare fundraiser that I would rather gouge my eyes out than actually participate in. The list goes on and on but let's stop here before I start to actually question that real bad mom status I mentioned earlier. All I know is that in reality, I'm a pretty good mom (we all are!), who's just doing my best to keep three tiny humans alive. And to not eat the entire carton in one sitting." -Jennifer Craven

Moment No. 3

Brandi Willis

"I could write thousands of words on how I feel like a bad mom. Three kids, a dog, and a husband will take all of your time and energy, but I wouldn't change a thing. We spend our week and weekends running from one sport to another, then to church and birthday parties... it's never ending. Sometimes things happen but there's never a night I don't go to bed grateful for all of the madness. This picture is just one of my many many mistakes." -Brandi Willis

This story has been updated. It was originally posted on October 23, 2017.