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What Valentine's Day really looks like when you have kids

The Holderness family teams up with TODAY Parents for a new video showing what Valentine's Day is really like once you have kids.
/ Source: TODAY

Before kids, Valentine's Day with your sweetie went a little something like this. You and your partner would go out for a romantic dinner or spend a relaxing evening at home, enjoying wine, chocolates, conversation and romance.

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Now flash forward to life with kids and Feb. 14th has a whole different meaning.

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Sure love is still in the air, but scratch the romantic dinner for two and make it chaos at home with a glass of wine and a bite of chocolate on the side. And watch out for flying spaghetti.

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Just ask the Holderness family what it's like! The YouTube stars teamed up with TODAY Parents for a glimpse into the reality of Valentine's Day in a house with kids, and we have to say it looks just like our reality. (In case you're a Holderness fan, no, they didn't have a third child; that adorable baby is a "loaner.")

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Toys everywhere? Check! Messy dinner? Check! Kids and dog misbehaving? Check!

Mom and dad wanting a little time to relax? Check!

But even with all of the craziness, all parents can agree they wouldn't have it any other way!

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