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Watch adorable 3-year-old twins chat about coronavirus: 'We're in quarantines!'

The brothers are providing some much-needed comic relief.
/ Source: TODAY

Identical 3-year-old twins are going viral after they were caught on video discussing their deep thoughts about the coronavirus.

In the clip, the brothers, who live in Alabama, are seen sitting on their bedroom floor in pajamas. Their mom, Megan Sanchez, provided the video's captions.

“We’re in quarantine,” says one, to which the other replies, "Yes, we're in quarantines."

After chanting “Germs go away!” and discussing how excited they are for springtime, the brothers start a pillow fight.

Sanchez, who asked that TODAY Parents not share the names of her sons, says they share a special bond.

“They have funny conversations like that every night,” Sanchez told TODAY Parents. “It’s like a piece of candy to see what fun things they’re saying. There’s never a shortage of topics!”

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Though the siblings miss seeing their friends at preschool, they are keeping each other good company as they practice social distancing.

“One will come up with a game and the other will follow along,” Sanchez, 33, revealed. “They’re very connected.”

Sanchez noted that her boys "have each other's backs" and always hold hands at their checkups. They don't like being separated even for short amounts of time. When one had a dentist appointment and the other didn't, they couldn't wait to be reunited.

"He went back to school and they ran to each other and hugged,” Sanchez recalled. ”They said, ‘I missed you!’ And then, ‘I love you. I got you a toy!’”

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