Serena Williams is itching for relief! Pregnant star asks fans for help with 'tummy itches'

/ Source: TODAY

Top-ranked tennis player Serena Williams is expecting her first child soon, but she didn't expect this pregnancy woe — a terrible case of "tummy itches."

Williams, who's now seven months along, is experiencing the persistent irritation that often comes with a growing baby bump, and like so many other moms-to-be, she's decided to look for relief online.

"Tummy itches. Don't scratch right? Just more cream..." she asked her Twitter followers.

And — oh, baby! — did they answer.

Some told her it was fine to scratch, while others insisted rubbing was the only way to go if she wanted to avoid stretchmarks, or "tiger stripes," as some moms prefer to call them.

Many recommended that she apply shea and cocoa butters, and a few fans passed along their own family recipes for homemade salves.

One even suggested that an itchy belly means a baby girl is on the way!

And since random advice on the Internet isn't always reliable, some said she should follow up with her doctor. That's always a good idea, since some pregnancy-related itches really do warrant medical attention.

Other than this discomfort, Williams has been busy sharing the happier parts of her pregnancy on social media — from her babymoon vacation with fiance Alexis Ohanian to her sweet message for the son or daughter they're waiting to meet.

"My Dearest Baby, You gave me the strength I didn’t know I had," she wrote in an April post. "You taught me the true meaning of serenity and peace. "