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See baby's hilarious reaction to his first taste of ice pop

"Once that flavor kicked in it was over."
/ Source: TODAY

Who doesn't appreciate the flavor of a good ice pop? For this cute baby, trying the sweet treat for the first time was truly next level. When Tim Ford Jr. gave his son a taste of the strawberry ice pop he was eating, the baby's reaction was absolutely priceless.

In an Instagram video originally posted last November, 26-year-old Ford takes a bite of the yummy ice pop before sharing it with Tim Ford III, then 5 months old. The baby, also known as "T3," tries the frozen treat and is quickly overwhelmed by its sugary goodness.

"Hold on!" Ford says as his son frantically grabs for the frozen treat, trying to pull down the wrapper.

"Man he was too serious," Ford wrote in his post accompanying the cute video. "What a blessing."

Speaking with TODAY, Ford shared the origin of the hilarious clip that occurred after his wife, Chavon Ford, 31, had stocked their fridge.

Tim Ford Jr., Chavon Ford and baby Tim "T3" Ford III.
Tim Ford Jr., Chavon Ford and baby Tim "T3" Ford III.Tim Ford Jr.

"My wife had just finished a big grocery shop earlier that day and I was home watching the baby," he explained. "I knew the fridge and freezer were stocked and I was unashamedly excited to see what was in there. I opened the freezer and that’s when I made eye contact with these organic strawberry (ice pops) just sitting there looking all delicious, and apparently, T3 thought they looked delicious, too."

When Ford shared a bite of the ice pop with T3, even he was caught off guard by his son's immediate and very strong reaction.

"I was so surprised and amused by his reaction, so I uploaded the video to share a little positivity and laughs with my Instagram and Facebook friends, and it just took off from there!" he said.

This week, when the video went viral after it was reposted on Twitter, people had much to say about the ice pop-eating baby.

"Can we talk about how strong babies are when they want something?" posted BigdaddyC_.

Some posters loved the father-son connection in the video but also saw it as an opportunity to educate others about nutrition.

"Super cute! I love seeing dad’s with their little ones," replied @EbonyJadeHilton, whose Twitter bio describes her as an anesthesiologist. "Just wanted to say, we know the baby’s organs are literally still developing. Their body can not process the sugars and other ingredients like we can at adults. And we are starting to see diabetes in kids of elementary age."

One woman had another thought — that Ford will never get to enjoy an ice pop in peace again.

"Parents always got to sneak food when they don't feel like sharing tho," wrote @gg_rios99.

"The funniest thing about the entire video was that he really tried to forcefully snatch the ice pop away from me," Ford told TODAY. "I didn’t realize he was that strong."

Tim Ford Jr.

And although T3, now 7 months old, has not enjoyed any more ice pops since he is being breastfed, his dad says they are slowly starting to introduce solid foods and that he sees many more frozen treat-bonding moments in their future.