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Kate Upton opens up about struggles with breastfeeding, new-mom pressure

In a recent interview, the model talked about nursing "sucking the energy away from me."

Kate Upton is clarifying her recent comments about how hard breastfeeding can be.

In a recent interview with Editorialist, Upton, 27, described breastfeeding as “sucking the energy away from me” and spoke about the pressure she felt “to be doing all these things, like breastfeeding on the go.”

The model, who shares 14-month-old daughter, Genevieve, with her husband, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, took to Instagram on Wednesday to explain her remarks.

In the throwback photo, Upton is seen smiling and breastfeeding her baby.

“When asked about getting back in shape after pregnancy, I discussed the major pressures that there are out there for new moms to ‘snap back’ right after having a baby,” Upton wrote on “I certainly felt these pressures, as all women do.”

Upton said she pushed herself to get back to the gym and eat all the right foods.

“I realized quickly that between breastfeeding, healing, little-to-no sleep, off-the-charts hormone changes and experiencing everything for the first time that those weight-loss pressures are extremely unnecessary, and I decided to turn my energy towards my family,” she explained.

Ultimately, that made all the difference, and breastfeeding became more pleasurable.

“My energy was drained but my heart was extremely full,” Upton wrote. “In my opinion, enjoy the moments with your new baby and growing family, allow your body time to heal and make sure you go at your own pace.”