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See baby's hilarious reaction to first taste of ice cream

"Get yourself someone who looks at you the way this baby looks at ice cream."

It may be freezing outside, but one baby's reaction to her first taste of ice cream is warming hearts. For 9-month-old Blakely, a frigid day marked her first time trying ice cream, and her hilarious reaction to the dessert has quickly gone viral.

In the video, which was shared on TikTok before making the rounds on other social media accounts, the baby can be seen taking a few messy bites of a Baskin-Robbins cone before grabbing at the ice cream with both hands as her laughing parents urge her to let go.

Mom Brittani Jernigan said that she rarely records moments like this.

"I honestly have no idea (why I started recording). I never do stuff like that," she told TODAY. "My husband was giving her bites, so her back was to me, but I heard him laughing at her faces, and he gave her a lick of the ice cream. I was like, 'Turn her around so I can see!' And I was laughing and thought 'I should record this.'"

While the baby's reaction has been going viral on the Internet, Jernigan said that she and her husband are used to the 9-month-old's extreme facial expressions.

"She's very comical. She makes a lot of funny faces, and she's very bossy, so it's a typical reaction for her," Jernigan explained.

Online, many have related to Blakely's excited, hungry response.

Others turned her pursuit of the sweet treat into a motivational mantra.

For many, though, the real joy of the video was how tightly Blakely held onto the ice cream, even as her parents urged her to let go.

The real surprise for the family is how viral the video has gone.

"It's surprising to me," Jernigan said. "I didn't expect it, I just wanted to share it with our family and friends, and everybody's just sharing it and loving it."