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Watch how Dylan Dreyer’s son Cal greets his baby brother Rusty in the morning

Dylan and Brian Fichera have very sweet kids.
Cal, 5, can't get enough of his baby brother, Rusty.
Cal, 5, can't get enough of his baby brother, Rusty.fishlense / Instagram, TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It’s safe to say that Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera never have to pry their eldest son out of bed.

On Wednesday, Fichera shared an Instagram video of Calvin, 5, getting his 4-month-old brother, Rusty, pumped for a new day — and the footage will melt your heart.

“Cal….designated morning wake up hype man,” Fichera captioned the post.

In the clip, Calvin tickles Rusty and uses funny voices to make the baby smile. When Calvin notices that the family dog, Bosco, is dozing in his parents' bed, he exclaims, “Bosco’s sleeping still!?”

He then tells the miniature schnauzer, “Good job sleeping!”

“So precious! You are raising a wonderful young man!” wrote one fan.

Added another, “Good job sleeping!! Everyone needs these words of affirmation.”

The TODAY meteorologist and cameraman Fichera are also parents of 2-year-old son Oliver — or “Olls Balls,” as he’s known to his dad. 

Earlier this month, Dylan opened up to TODAY Parents about how her husband assigns everyone a nickname. It started when the couple met more than a decade ago.

“He always called me different names: ‘D Money,’ ‘Doug Funny,’” Dylan said.

Dylan noted that even Bosco gets a special moniker. He’s known as “The Beans,” “Box Company,” "Beanowitz,” and “Velveeta Shells and Beans.”

“Brian just says ‘COMPANY!’ And Bosco jumps off the couch to go for a walk,” Dylan said. 

In January, Dylan said goodbye to Weekend TODAY after nearly 10 years. Though she'll still be on TODAY during the week, she took her weekends back to spend more time with Fichera and their little ones. 

“It’s all about family time,” Dylan revealed. “These boys are my whole life and Brian and I, we love being a team on weekends and spending as much time as we can with them and having as much fun as we can. That’s really all I’m going to be doing, just sitting at home and just loving up on those three.”