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Nick Carter just revealed his baby daughter's name — and it's a real gem

The Backstreet Boy singer and his wife, Lauren Kitt, welcomed their third child on April 21.
/ Source: TODAY

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt, have chosen the name Pearl for their 6-week-old daughter.

Pearl, who was born on April 21, joined brother, Odin, 5, and 20-month-old sister, Saoirse.

“Funny enough, (Pearl) was the name Lauren wanted to give Saoirse,” Carter, 41, told Us Weekly. “Essentially we kind of gave up on the name, but Lauren really liked Pearl. Then we discovered that we were going to have another baby. That’s when I was like, ‘Listen, let’s go with what you wanted.’ So she became Pearl.”

Pearl was a top 25 name in the late nineteenth century but then it cooled for many years, according to It reentered the top 1000 in 2010.

Kitt was drawn to the moniker because of how easily it rolls off the tongue.

“We needed something easier to say than Saoirse,” she said.

When Carter announced Pearl’s arrival in April, he revealed on Twitter that she had “been experiencing some minor complications.”

The boy band member also shared an Instagram photo of himself looking visibly distressed in a surgical cap and scrubs.

“Yes I’m a believer. I ask god to give us strength to protect mommy and baby,” he captioned the image.

Five days later, Kitt and Pearl were discharged from the hospital.

“Ok everyone, I wanted to let you know that finally, we are home safe and sound,” Carter wrote on Twitter. “Baby is doing so much better.”

Carter and Kitt took to social media in January to share the news that they were expecting a third child after suffering multiple miscarriages.

“Sometimes life blesses you with little surprises,” Carter wrote on Instagram at the time.