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The internet is debating the difference between ‘white SUV moms’ and ‘black SUV moms’

It's a battle of “the basics versus the baddies.”

PTO moms. Crunchy moms. Almond moms. Wine moms. Helicopter moms. Hot mess moms. Influencer moms. Sports moms.

The internet is always looking for ways to divide moms into categories, and the latest trend is fueled by the color of your car.

But not just any car — your SUV.

So ... are you a black SUV mom or a white SUV mom?

Paige Craig, mom of three, demonstrates the connection between car color and personality in a TikTok video that has been viewed 4.6 million times in the last nine days.

When she portrays a white SUV mom, she bops along to Taylor Swift, sips Starbucks coffee, enthusiastically uses hand sanitizer, eats Chick-fil-A, employs gentle parenting techniques and unloads her Target haul.

As a black SUV mom, she wears an Iron Maiden shirt, chugs an energy drink, rummages through a McDonalds bag, hands her kids iPads, collects Walmart bags and flips the camera the bird.

Peru Ford, a car dealership in Indiana with a modest social media presence, made a wordless, visual depiction of the difference between white SUV moms and black SUV moms. The video, posted six days ago, has 2.3 million views.

A woman in all white, wearing Birkenstocks and carrying a straw hat, casually gets in the driver's seat of her white SUV. She seems cool, casual and collected.

She sets her Stanley cup (obviously white) down and removes her slender purse. Yacht rock plays on the radio as she takes a satisfied breath and places her hands at 10 and 2.

The woman getting into the black SUV, on the other hand, is toting several mismatched, heavy-looking shopping bags. She's wearing a sweatshirt and seems to be carrying two iced coffees. Her hair is down and blowing in her face, which is covered by chunky black sunglasses.

Tossing her bags into the second row haphazardly, she turns on contemporary R&B and talks-to-text in an aggravated voice: "I'm coming. I'm running late." She puts her hair up in a messy bun and grabs a swig of a third drink that magically appeared in the car.

Still not sure what the difference is?

Emily Johnson defines the debate as "the basics versus the baddies" on her TikTok video, and she adds that black SUV moms probably "do shots of whiskey on the weekend."

Curiously, moms seem to be more likely to define themselves as "baddies" rather than "basics."

You can find multiple videos of moms like this one outing themselves as black SUV moms, either because they consider themselves too chaotic or too tough to be white SUV moms. But it's much, much harder to find someone identifying as a white SUV mom.

But what's so bad about being basic?

Maybe the minivan moms will weigh in on that one.