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Natasha Richardson’s son Daniel remembers his mother 15 years after her death

"Hopefully, I’m making you proud. I think you would definitely be proud of my margarita skills."
Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson
Daniel Neeson was 12 when his mother, Natasha Richardson, died in 2009.Bravo, Getty Images

March 18 marked 15 years since British-born actor Natasha Richardson died at age 45 after a tragic skiing accident. 

Now Richardson’s son Daniel Neeson, 27, is sharing the ways he has found comfort while dealing with her absence.

“I look forward to reuniting one day but for now I take solace in knowing you’re beside me every step of the way. Hopefully, I’m making you proud,” Daniel began an Instagram post. “I think you would definitely be proud of my margarita skills.”

According to Daniel, Richardson was the original “margarita mama!” In his post, he recalled asking his mother for a sip, to which she would reply, “Not till you’re older.”

“Little did she know I would one day start my own tequila brand and have way too many margaritas at my finger tips,” Daniel joked.

He then shared wisdom from his late mother’s younger sister and Nip/Tuck alum Joely Richardson.  

“My aunt, @joelyrichardsoninsta who always brightens my day, said to me this week that we sometimes forget that we’re on an ever spinning planet,” Daniel wrote. “Change is inevitable, and we must embrace it with open arms. If you’re a believer or not in quantum physics, the past, future and present coexist.”

“We’re all interconnected here and over there through love,” he continued. “The greatest life force. Choose it above all else.”

"Dan, beautiful. Photo absolute essence of your Ma. She’d be SO PROUD in every WAY beyond any expectation," Joely Richardson wrote in the comments.

Added Bravo mogul Andy Cohen, "Love you so much Danny. And so proud of you. Your mom would LOVE your margaritas, and she was the supreme connoisseur!"

Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson
Liam Neeson with his wife Natasha Richardson in 2008. The couple was married 16 years before Richardson died. Max Nash / AFP via Getty Images

Richardson shares Daniel, 27, and Micheál, 28, with actor Liam Neeson. The brothers were 12 and 13 when they lost their mom. 

In 2021, Micheál told The Times that losing his mom send him into a “bit of a head spin.”

“So you just latch on to the tiny little memories, whether it’s her laugh or her energy in the room or her her cooking,” he said. “I do have her films to go back and watch her in, which I’m incredibly greatly for.”

Richardson appeared in films including “Maid in Manhattan” and Walt Disney’s "The Parent Trap” but is perhaps best known for her work on stage. In 1998, Richardson earned Best Actress in a Musical for her performance in “Cabaret.”

During his conversation with “The Times,” Micheál described himself as a “mama’s boy.”

“She was really my best friend,” he said.