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The moment Dylan Dreyer realized the cute Valentine's Day card she got for her kids isn’t exactly 'kid friendly'


Dylan Dreyer really thought the valentines she purchased were kid-friendly. 

After all, a card with a picture of an ice cream cone and a drinking straw attached seems innocent enough, right? 


On Wednesday, Dylan snapped a photo of the questionable Valentines and posted it to Instagram. “Really thought I bought the kid-friendly Valentine pack…” she captioned the post. 

The straw, upon closer inspection, resembles closely a certain male body part. 


The majority of the more than 1,000 comments on the post are laugh-crying emojis, but a few fans had an idea of how these “straws” made it onto a kid’s Valentine’s Day card. 

“I think they were leftover from a bachelorette party and they thought they could remarket them,” wrote one person. 

"It goes with the tie the little girl drew on the pig drawing for her class,” wrote another, referring to a story that went viral earlier this week about a drawing that also seemed, to some, to resemble the male anatomy. 

Some commenters didn’t recognize the resemblance to a body part at all.  

Dylan is the mom of three boys and often documents the hilarious moments of parenting on Instagram. She and her husband Brian Fichera are parents to Calvin, 6, Oliver, 3, and Rusty, 1. 

In October, Dylan shared the hilarious mishap of a broken bottle of wine on the street and the replacement bottle that she tucked into her son’s stroller to “give it a safe place to ride.” 

Earlier this week, the TODAY meteorologist showed her fans one of her parenting hacks — using the cardboard boxes furniture was delivered in to keep the kids occupied. Cardboard boxes, it turns out, are great for keeping kids occupied while their mom assembled small chairs and a table. 

“Boxes are made so parents can get things done,” she captioned the video. 

In January, she shared how she and Fichera keep their marriage strong while parenting three little boys: Golf. The shared hobby allows them to spend quality time together. 

“Golf is the thing we do together. We have a couple of drinks, we laugh. We remember why we fell in love,” Dylan told “Then we go home and it’s right back to family.”

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