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Dylan Dreyer’s secret weapon to parenting? Cardboard boxes

They make the perfect makeshift playpen.

Dylan Dreyer dabbled in home improvement over the weekend and had the perfect makeshift playpen for her three boys.

She posted a video on Instagram Feb. 4 of herself putting together a chair and small table as her sons, Calvin, 6, Oliver, 3, and Rusty, 16 months, play in a cardboard box. The box proved to be a great distraction for Dylan's little ones so that their busy mom could get some uninterrupted work time. In the clip, Dylan sports a gray sweatsuit set, and the boys each have on a pair of pajamas.

"Boxes are made so parents can get things done," she captioned the video.

Dylan shares her boys with her husband, Brian Fichera. The mother of three is regularly catching adorable moments like this one with her kids. Last month, she posted pictures of Rusty climbing up some stairs, and in December, she celebrated Calvin's 6th birthday with a sweet message on Instagram.

“This kid right here has brought so much love and joy and happiness into our lives for the past 6 years," she wrote, along with a photo of Calvin beaming while wearing a helmet with a rocket design. "Happy birthday buddy…you are truly something special!! We love you!!”

Of course, once a couple welcomes kids, it can be harder for the parents to set aside quality time for each other. Last month, Dylan shared how she and Brian keep their marriage strong after having three boys.

“Golf is the thing we do together. We have a couple of drinks, we laugh. We remember why we fell in love,” Dylan told “Then we go home and it’s right back to family.”

The meteorologist said she and Brian established expectations shortly after their third son's birth.

“When we brought Rusty home from the hospital, Brian was like, ‘OK. Let’s just accept the fact that this is going to be the hardest year of our lives,'” Dylan said. “Now we’re through that first year, and Rusty is getting easier. He’s less of that needy baby in the middle of the night.”

Even though the kid-related errands are never-ending, the flurry of activities haven't taken a toll on the couple's bond.

“It’s a lot of kid time. It’s like, ‘Brian, I need to take Oliver to the doctor. I need you to take Calvin to karate. I’ll see you at dinner!’” Dylan shared. “I don’t want say it’s had any negative impact on our relationship — we’ve only gotten stronger.”