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Kelly Clarkson shares adorable video of River Rose eating and sleeping — at once!

/ Source: TODAY

As every parent knows, there are two things key to keeping a toddler happy on a road trip: napping and snacking.

Or, in the case of Kelly Clarkson's little multitasker, River Rose, there's only one thing necessary — nap-snacking.

River Rose is never too sleepy for a snack 🤣 she is the funniest kid!

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The singer-songwriter shared an adorable video of her 3-year-old daughter catching a few Zs in her car seat while eating a few tasty treats at the same time.

"River Rose is never too sleepy for a snack," Clarkson wrote in the caption. "She is the funniest kid!"

She's certainly had us laughing this week!

On Monday, mom shared another sweet moment with her girl after trying — and failing — to actually get some rest during a sleepover together.

Maybe a snack would have helped settle her down that night.

"It’s a good thing she’s so dang cute," Clarkson wrote when it was all over.