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Katy Perry wore an outfit customized for breastfeeding on 'American Idol'

Her cow-print ensemble was built for double duty — making both a bold fashion statement and an easy-access outfit for a busy mom.
/ Source: TODAY

Katy Perry became a mom six months ago and hasn’t let that new role slow her down on “American Idol” — nor has she let “American Idol” slow her down in that new role!

Just take a look at this moment from season 19 that aired Sunday night.

Perry took the stage dressed in a bold ensemble featuring a peplum top, pants, hat, gloves and heels, all in a matching cow print. But unlike the many other striking outfits she’s worn on the show, this one was designed to make sure she could take care of daughter Daisy’s needs at a moment’s notice.

To demonstrate that point, the 36-year-old stood up and said, “If I need to feed, I’m ready to go!” And with that, she pulled down a secret easy-access panel in her top.

So breastfeeding is never more than a couple of snaps away.

In a “momtage” that aired as part of the final auditions episode of the season, Perry spoke about motherhood and about her fellow panelists — Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

“Being a new mother can be really challenging, but the guys have been so great and supportive,” the pop star said as footage rolled of Richie and Bryan helping out with the little one.

Richie went so far as to call Perry’s personal evolution “the most phenomenal transition from any other season until now.”

There's no doubt that Perry would agree with that sentiment and any other one that emphasizes what incredible changes have come her way since welcoming Daisy to the world. After all, as she said during a chat with Jimmy Kimmel last month, having her bundle of joy is "the best decision" she's ever made.