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Good things happened this week, and these stories and videos prove it

Here are the happy announcements, thoughtful kids and hilarious pets that kept us smiling!
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This week brought us scary and heartbreaking images of the situation in Texas, where residents are in crisis due to extreme winter weather and power failure.

While our hearts are with the people of Texas, we are sharing the happy and heartwarming moments we found this week in hopes of bringing comfort.

Harry and Meghan gave us wonderful news AND indulged our British rom-com fantasies

We love baby news, and when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced on Valentine's Day that they are expecting their second child, royal watchers everywhere swooned.

Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle are expecting their second child. @misanharriman/Instagram

Even better: They sweetened the deal by including a picture of Prince Harry sitting in the grass with the former Meghan Markle's head resting in his lap, her hand on her pregnant belly.

The photo gave sweet "Notting Hill" vibes to Twitter users — somewhat fitting, as the 1999 film's plot centered around the love story of an American actor and a Brit.

“Meghan and Harry recreating the Notting Hill final scene shot, chefs kiss,” tweeted another fan.

... and this pregnancy announcement made us smile

"EVERY girl deserves a reaction like this..." wrote TikTok user Hayli Baez in a video she posted of telling her husband she is pregnant.


EVERY girl deserves a reaction like this... 🤰🏻💜 ##pregnant ##pregnancyannouncement

♬ original sound - Hayli Baez

TikTok agrees. "It's not even my child and I got excited," wrote one commenter.

Dolly Parton gave us a master class in, well, class

After Tennessee legislators proposed a bill to create a statue in honor of Tennessee native Dolly Parton at the state Capitol, the country music icon and humanitarian wrote a letter requesting they remove it.

"I am honored and humbled by their intention but I have asked the leaders of the state legislature to remove the bill from any and all consideration," Parton wrote in the letter she shared on Twitter. "Given all that is going on in the world, I don't think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time."

She went on to say that in the future, if people still feel she is deserving of such a tribute, lawmakers can follow through with their plans.

"At this point in history, is there a better example, not just in America but in the world, of a leader that is (a) kind, decent, passionate human being?" Democratic state Rep. John Mark Windle said at the time he introduced the bill in January, according to the Associated Press. "(She’s) a passionate person who loves everyone, and everyone loves her."

... and this grandpa's TikTok choir made us cry

TikTok user @yazzy_music has spent many of the past months making videos of herself singing with her grandfather, who, she explained in her videos, usually sings with a choir, but has not been able to see any of his choir friends over the past year because of COVID-19.

After posting a particular video of them singing one of his favorites, "You Raise Me Up," the singers of TikTok decided to lift Yazzy's grandfather up themselves — in song. Using the "duet" feature, they each added their voices until they had created a virtual choir for Yazzy's grandfather.


##duet with @emlizp grandads reaction to your duets! No sound of us as he can’t use earphones with his hearing aid!🥺💜 ##grandad ##singing ##fyp

♬ original sound - yazzy_music

"You have made my granddad very happy," wrote Yazzy in a video caption.

A preemie daughter helped her dad pull off a surprise proposal

Teon Kennedy had to delay his marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Martine Drouillard, when their baby girl was born at just 25 weeks last April due to her mother's preeclampsia and severe HELLP syndrome.

After spending ten months visiting Baby Morgan in the NICU with the added challenge of a global pandemic, Kennedy was finally able to surprise Drouillard with a proposal on Valentine's Day, and Morgan and her NICU nurses were in on the sweet moment.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the day of the proposal was one of the few occasions when both Mom and Dad were allowed to visit Morgan at the same time. But they hope this is just the beginning of their time together as a family of three.

... and this daughter surprised her dad with the best news ever: She is cancer-free!

When telling her dad the fantastic news that she is cancer-free, TikTok user Victoria Glosson didn't make it easy on her dad: She made him wear AirPods playing loud music, then made him read her lips.

But when he finally figures it out, the pure joy in his reaction is palpable.


Telling my dad I’m CANCER FREE 🥳🎉🙏🏽 *I made him put in AirPods with loud music to guess what I was saying* ##Blessed ##F***Cancer ##CancerFree

♬ original sound - victoriaglosson

"This made me cry tears of joy for you and your family," one commenter wrote. "From one survivor to another, Congratulations!!"

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Is there any cuter combination than puppies and peanut butter?

Photographer Greg Murray gave the world a little bit of awesome with his book of photographs featuring rescue puppies licking peanut butter off their faces.

The rescue dogs featured in photographer Greg Murray's book "Peanut Butter Puppies" have all since found homes.
The rescue puppies featured in photographer Greg Murray's book "Peanut Butter Puppies" have all since found homes. Greg Murray / Peanut Butter Puppies

For the project, Murray photographed puppies from 30 animal shelters and rescue organizations in northeast Ohio in his studio in Cleveland (though one woman drove a puppy all the way from Texas for the shoot!).

The rescue puppies featured in photographer Greg Murray's book "Peanut Butter Puppies" have all since found homes.
Who knew that peanut butter could be so magical?Greg Murray / Peanut Butter Puppies

Portions of the book's proceeds will go back to those shelters courtesy of the book's publisher, Gibbs Smith.

And all of these very good boys and girls now have homes!

... and this dog says forget peanut butter; she has a pancake emergency

TikTok user @imalineraway often posts videos featuring her "sweetheart labrador retriever," Ipo. One morning this week, she showed how Ipo tells her there is a "pancake emergency" — her son Ivan had not finished his pancakes, and Ipo was not about to let those pancakes go to waste.

Like Lassie alerting us to Timmy falling down a well, Ipo guides her human to the table, then to her plate, until her human FINALLY gets the point.

Ipo, we relate to your "emergency." No pancake left behind!

Finally, a little girl gets us excited about space and science

Self-described "Multi-Hyphenate Space Woman" Kellie Gerardi uses her TikTok account mostly to feature her 3-year-old daughter, Delta V, who is just as excited about space as her mom is.

When NASA landed the rover Perseverance on Mars this week, Delta's excitement was contagious. "You're not going to believe what happened today," she said in a video her mom posted.


Reply to @mandilourae WHAT A DAY!! GO PERCY GO!!!

♬ Chug jug with you - Frend?

"I'm gonna cry happy tears," Delta said. "Go, Percy, go!"

"I saw that this happened today, and my first thought was 'Delta actually taught me this was happening!' I am so thankful for what you teach us Delta!" commented one follower.

"Delta has me excited about space science & I've never been before. I'm 33," wrote another.

Go, Delta, go!

If you can, send some love toward Texas, and have a good week!

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