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All about Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and her 3 children with Andrew East

On December 12, the 4 time Olympian and her spouse welcomed their third child, Barrett.

Former Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson recently welcomed her third child, Barrett Madison East, with her husband, former NFL player Andrew East on December 12.

The couple have spoken candidly about their growing family to TODAY, offering fans an inside look into their parenting and future family plans. They are also parents of daughter Drew Hazel and son Jett James.

Johnson was sharing clips on social media of her doing gymnastics right up until the birth of baby number 3, and has spoken about the possibility of expanding her family further.

“I told Andrew we could talk about adoption,” she says. “We can talk about having babies in other ways after this, but I am done with pregnancy," she told while pregnant with Barrett.

Johnson and East are extremely excited about their newborn, nicknamed "Bear."

Read on to learn more about the couple's three children.

Drew Hazel East, 4

Drew Hazel East is Shawn and Andrew's first child. She was born on October 29, 2019, and was named after her father Andrew, according to a November 2019 Instagram post.

The couple revealed their first pregnancy in an April 2019 YouTube video, where they spoke about their excitement and hope for Drew, while also recounting a painful miscarriage experience.

In the video, Andrew says, "A year and a half ago we went through something rather traumatic. Shawn did specifically, and we had a miscarriage."

"And so this baby has been a long time coming," he continues.

Drew is a huge fan of American YouTuber Blippi, who frequently posts educational videos for toddlers. Johnson was even featured in an episode on Blippi's YouTube channel which debuted on May 13, 2023.

In an interview with People, she discussed her daughter's love of the YouTuber, saying, "Our daughter has still not stopped talking about it. She thinks Blippi is her best friend.”

Drew is also interested in gymnastics, just like her four-time Olympic medalist mom. Johnson told People, “It’s very normal to start the sport of gymnastics around age 2. It’s really one of the only things you can put a young kid in, so for us, it’s a reason to get to do something active and give her an activity that she has a lot of fun with.”

In a 2022 YouTube video of Drew's first gymnastics class, her enthusiasm for the sport can not be missed. In the clip, Johnson describing her daughter's excitement: "She was like ‘Mama, beam.’ ‘Mama, bars.’ ‘Mama, trampoline.’ ‘Mama, vault.’"

Drew, also nicknamed “Roo,” is the definition of a “daddy’s girl through and through,” according to a 2020 Instagram post shared by Johnson.

The athletic couple's only daughter also loves being a big sister to her two baby brothers. In the couple's sweet family photos, she can often be seen kissing newborn, Barrett, on the head.

Jett James East, 2

Jett James East is the couple's second child and first baby boy. He was born on July 19, 2021, after the couple first announced their pregnancy in a January 2021 Instagram post captioned "Here we go again."

In October 2023, Andrew posted a video of Jett breaking out of his pack-and-play in the middle of the night.

"When he committed this, he wasn't even 2. With this man, it's all hands on deck," quipped the former NFL player.

On their YouTube channel the couple can also be seen speaking adoringly about their son, who weighed 9 lbs. and 3 oz., and measuring at 21 inches long, when he was born.

Johnson has been vocal about her strong feelings for Jett, stating that she has "never known a love like this" in a July 2021 Instagram post paired with a clip of her welcoming him into the world.

She's also given her fans fun insight on Instagram into the origin's of Jett's name, which she says blends the names of her husband's brother and her great-great-great grandmother.

Barrett Madison East

Barret Madison East was born on December 12, 2023. Johnson first announced her pregnancy with her second son in July 2023, in an Instagram post that revealed her bump while on a family vacation in Greece.

On December 14, the Olympian and her spouse shared the news of their latest addition in their FamilyMade newsletter, stating that Barrett was delivered via C-section on December 12.

"He is the best Christmas present we could have asked for, and we're loving our family of five," the couple told E! News.

They pair also revealed that they decided to keep Barrett's gender a secret up until his arrival.

In a past interview with, Johnson spoke about her excitement for Barrett's gender reveal and recounted how her and husband Andrew discovered the gender of their first two children.

“We found out the sex ahead of time with Jett, but not with Drew,” she says. She continues, “There was something so special about Andrew finding out first and sharing it with me and then going into the waiting room to announce the news to our families. That memory is etched in my mind.”

“I’m excited for him to have that moment again,” she adds.

Speaking about her third child in her FamilyMade newsletter, she said, “The third time around feels so surreal because even though we’ve done this twice before, there’s still so much nervousness and excitement around the days leading up to the birth and then so much magic once you get to hold your sweet baby in your arms for the first time."

The couple also talks about the significance behind Barrett's birth month. Andrew said, “My dad was born on December 9 and passed away unexpectedly on December 27 of last year, so December is a really impactful month for us."

He continued, "Having our baby born so close to my dad’s birthday feels really special and I know he would be smiling down and so proud of us.”