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Dylan shares Calvin's amazing reaction after eating his first brownie

How sweet it was, and is!
/ Source: TODAY

There was joy in Dylan Dreyer's house Sunday night, and not just because the New England Patriots advanced to the Super Bowl with a late win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

You see, Calvin had his first brownie ever. And this photo, which Dylan posted on Monday, was taken right after he fully absorbed how wonderful that could be:

The 2-year-old may have been showing his fandom for the Pats with a cute little shirt, but we think he's really Team Brownie now. (Look at those chocolate-smudged fingers!)

"He was off the walls," said Dylan. "He was like, 'What is this? This is amazing!' ... And it was one of those gooey dark chocolate chewy homemade brownies."

We can guess who did the homemaking of that delightful dessert, too; remember the amazing "piñata" birthday cake Dylan spent hours putting together for her little guy?

"He's having this mega growth spurt so he eats all the time now," she explained.

Alas, there is one issue with being 2 and wanting to enjoy all the brownies and football games in the world: having a set bedtime.

"We didn't keep him up until the end of the game," Dylan admitted.

But we think we know what his dreams were full of last night ... brownies!