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Edge or center brownie? TODAY anchors weigh in on the polarizing debate

Who knew brownies could be so controversial?
Today Anchors debate on the best kind of brownie
Brownies in a pan, ready to be served.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Don’t think. Which type of brownie is best: the chewy center or the crispy edges?

TODAY's Dylan Dreyer dished up the age-old debate this morning and Al Roker, Carson Daly and his food-blogger wife, Siri Daly, had some fiery feelings about the issue.

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Al answered first, as a strong-willed “edge” supporter, followed by Carson and Dylan also joining the crispy camp. But Siri, not to be swayed by her opinionated peers, voted for those soft, gooey center pieces.

Although the brownie edges won out among TODAY’s anchors, public opinion remains unsettled.

Brownie-loving Twitter users often cook up the drama by publicizing their own preference. Some users feel strongly in favor of team edge:

While others say if it’s not center-cut soft, it’s not even worth eating:

Despite her love for the softer brownie, Siri had a quick tip for all her crunch-loving friends.

“I have a whole pan that makes just the edge of the brownies,” the mom of three humble-bragged. “It’s got like a little shape, kind of like an ‘S,’ so every single brownie has an edge.”

The genius pan really exists. Amazon calls it the “Baker’s Edge” pan.

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan, $36, Amazon

With three prongs extending from the pan’s side, it gives every brownie two crispy edges. Sadly, much to team center’s chagrin, no such pan exists for center-only brownies.

But while it seems that this debate is very divisive, there is a large crowd of brownie fanatics that have equal love for edges, corners and centerpieces alike.

Sometimes, it's the center brownie calling to us. Other times, there’s nothing better than that satisfying crunch.

If, like us, you just got a hankering for something sweet, we've got you covered with brownie recipes for every taste. Try cooking up a pan of salted dark chocolate chunk brownies, if you’re craving something decadent. If you’re feeling extra bold, maybe a Milky Way Brownie Pie or Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Bars could hit the spot.

Regardless of your preference for chewy, gooey, crispy or crunchy, chances are, in a good batch, no brownies will ever go to waste.