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Dylan Dreyer explains why she wants her sons to know it's OK to cry

Dylan wants Calvin and Oliver to feel comfortable letting out their emotions, while Sheinelle Jones says she has never seen her husband cry.
/ Source: TODAY

"Boys don't cry" is not a parenting philosophy that Dylan Dreyer supports.

Dylan told her fellow co-host Sheinelle Jones on the 3rd hour of TODAY on Friday that she plans to teach her sons, Calvin, 3, and 8-month-old Oliver, that it's OK to cry.

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"Especially raising two boys, I want Calvin and Oliver to know it's OK to release your emotions, to feel those emotions," Dylan said.

The discussion was prompted by the Usher song "I Cry," which the singer said was inspired by him crying in front of his children while watching a movie.

Dylan shared that her husband, Brian Fichera, has no issues with holding back his emotions.

"Not to call Brian out, but he is a crier," Dylan said. "Especially in our relationship, I'd say he cries more than I do. I like that, though, because I feel it takes a lot of strength for a guy to feel those emotions.

"And that's kind of what Usher was talking about. It's hard for men to sometimes cry and let go of their emotions, especially in front of their kids, but it's good for your kids to see that."

Dylan and Sheinelle also talked about whether it's all right for parents to allow their children to see them cry. Sheinelle recalled her three children, son Kayin, 11, and twins Clara and Uche, 8, seeing her cry a few years ago when she had to leave them on Christmas Day to go to work on TODAY.

"It's hard to leave your kids on Christmas," Sheinelle said. "I looked over and Kayin saw me, and the problem is then I cried, then they all started crying."

However, one person who doesn't cry in her household (or at least nobody has ever seen shed tears) is Sheinelle's husband, Uche.

"I've been with my husband since he was 19," Sheinelle said. "I'm 42. I've never seen him cry. I know there were a couple times when I know he did, but I've never seen him cry."

Sheinelle is just fine with letting boys know it's not wrong to let their emotions out.

"I think it's a beautiful thing," she said.