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Dylan Dreyer shares update on her family's lost luggage

“We’re traveling with 16 people,” the TODAY meteorologist said live from her vacation in Italy. “We’ve lost 13 pieces of luggage.”
/ Source: TODAY

Losing luggage while traveling — it happens to all of us.

And it just so happened to affect Dylan Dreyer's entire family on their recent vacation.

"We're traveling with 16 people," the TODAY meteorologist said live from Catania, Italy, on Tuesday, July 25. "We've lost 13 pieces of luggage."

Dylan said her husband Brian Fichera and their three sons, Calvin, Oliver and Rusty, all got their luggage the night before. But hers? Nowhere to be found.

"I mean, I just went back to the airport today, I said, 'It says my luggage is here. They're like, 'Your luggage isn't here.' No idea where my luggage is," she said.

Dylan then described how she's been able to fashion a hotel nightgown into a dress.

"The hotel was nice enough to actually give us nightgowns and stuff. So I took my bathrobe, tied it around my waist, untucked the nightgown a little bit, just to make myself a dress because I've been wearing the same pants since Friday," she said. "Just washing them in the sink, hanging them outside like they do here."

Dylan explained the lost luggage hasn't been her family's only worry on the trip — temperatures in Italy have reached 119 degrees while they have been traveling across Sicily. She said her family can't do some tours due to the heat and smoke from wildfires across the country.

"It's the hottest temperature ever in Europe and we happen to be here," she said. "It's just too hot with the kids."

But Dylan said her family is making the most of it, and that they've been able to do some tours in the morning before it gets too hot. Plus, her son Calvin had "the best gluten-free pizza of his life," adding he had "the biggest smile on his face."

"We're having a great time," she said. "There's 16 of us, and we're laughing at (our luggage) at this point."

Dylan first documented the issues with her luggage in an Instagram post on Monday.

"Little did we know these would be the clothes for the whole trip because our luggage is lost in Amsterdam. We’re not in Amsterdam," she captioned a photo of her family. "All that work packing…"

The photo features Dylan, Brian, Calvin, Oliver and Rusty, all smiling while sitting in an airport. Calvin and Oliver sport matching red Adidas tracksuits, while Dylan and Brian top their travel-ready outfits with hats.

Dylan even tweeted in the hope that the airlines could find their suitcases.

"Ok…@delta and @KLM …i booked a delta flight operated by klm," she wrote. "Who can find 7 pieces of our luggage that’s lost in Amsterdam first??? Ready….go!!"

Two of Dylan's fellow 3rd hour of TODAY co-hosts reacted to the news in the comments of her Instagram post.

"Oh my goodness!" Sheinelle Jones wrote, adding two heart emoji.

Al Roker simply wrote: "Oh wow."

"We never check. Even when the kids were little," he added in a separate comment.

While the luggage is lost, Dylan can still be known as the queen of packing. She shared photos of her packing process for a trip earlier this month, where she laid out dozens of outfits for her three sons.

"Packing 3 kids for @acchampionship in Tahoe takes a lot of organizing,” she captioned the post, showing the outfits on the floor before another picture displayed the outfits neatly arranged in a suitcase.

"Packing 1 man apparently does not (swipe to last picture)," she added, as the third picture showed Brian's travel bag with two dress shirts, still on hangers, thrown on top of unidentified clothing wrapped in plastic.