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Hatchimals Black Friday 2018 Deal: The must-have toy is the cheapest ever

Be right back, petting an inanimate egg.
/ Source: TODAY

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"I just need it," said my 27-year-old colleague, who will remain unnamed for the sake of her reputation in the office.

She was talking about Hatchibabies. Yes, the children's toy.

No, she doesn't have kids of her own. And yet, The Black Friday 2018 dealon this year's hot new addition to the Hatchimals line makes my co-worker want to buy one ... for herself.

Usually, one of the toys costs $60. But, you can snag one for $35 right now. That's the lowest price it's ever been by far!

Hatchibabies Interactive Pet Baby, $35 (usually $60), Amazon

It may seem a little expensive for a children's toy. But this is easily one of the best Black Friday toy deals of 2018. I've seen one of these things in action, and — as someone who's most high-tech toy as a child was a Furby — this Hatchibaby amazed me. Any child would be lucky to get one for the holidays this year. Truly.

Look, I'm not going to pretend to know what sort of artificial intelligence tech goes into this thing, but it hatches itself out of a plastic egg and then proceeds to interact with you as you brush its hair and feed it. You can even teach it how to say your name. YOUR NAME.

Plus, it's adorable. At least 10 full-grown adults in the office were captivated by this quirky little children's toy one afternoon last week.

Even Kathie Lee loved hatching the toy because she's "an empty nester." Trust us, you have to watch this video.

OK, you got me: If I'm being honest, I want a Hatchibaby too! Where was this when I was a kid???

Hatchibabies Interactive Pet Baby, $35 (usually $60), Amazon

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