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'Cuz I'm your daddy': Dads celebrate fatherhood in sweet Pharrell parody video

In this funny parody of the Pharrell Williams hit "Happy," dads from around the globe dance along with the Holderness family.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It's a heartwarming thing to see the smiles and giggles that result from dads having fun with their kids.

And Penn and Kim Holderness, the parents behind the Holderness Family, think Father's Day is the perfect time to highlight all the ways dads dance, laugh and play with their families.

So the pair put together a parody of Pharrell Williams' hit song "Happy," combining Penn's own parenting antics with video submissions from viewers around the globe — from the U.S. to Romania.

"Cuz I'm your daddy — clap along if you fart and you blame it on your pet," Penn sings in the video. "Clap along if you let them jump around on the bed."

After buying his kids, Lola, 10, and Penn Charles, 7, enormous ice cream cones, breaking a window while playing basketball with them, and reading them funny Mad Libs, Penn sings, "Clap along if this is the happiest place to be."

Clapping along with Penn are hundreds of other fathers, who submitted their own video clips of silly string battles, stroller races, living room dances and trampoline tricks with their children.

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"The viewer submissions are always a treat," Penn told TODAY. "I think what I noticed immediately was how creative they were, always finding new ways to get their kids to smile, or laugh, or scream. A little secret that moms may not know — we do love getting beers with the guys and shouting at football games — but there is no bigger rush than getting your kids to smile, laugh and scream."

Kim says watching the viewer submissions made her get teary-eyed.

"There are so many awesome dads out there," said Kim. "I mean — a hairy guy with a huge beard let his aspiring makeup artist daughter give him a full makeover? That's love."

And, thinking of the father her own husband is to their kids makes Kim emotional, too.

"In our house, I tend to embrace the hover and smother form of parenting," said Kim. "Penn pulls me back and pushes the kids out of the nest — and they are so much better for it...We are so lucky to have him."