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Pass the ‘gwak’: Savannah shares daughter Vale’s ‘dream’ taco recipe

The 7 year old knows what she likes.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie’s 7-year-old daughter, Vale, created her “dream taco” and it’s too cute to keep under wraps. 

On Thursday, Savannah shared on Instagram Vale’s handwritten and very specific dinner order. It reads: “1. Torlia. 2. White rice. 3. Gwak. 4. Chiken. 5. Mild tomato salsa.

“Someone’s ready for Cinco de Mayo! That’s my girl!” the TODAY co-anchor captioned the photo.

“GWAK. I shall use this spelling from hereon out on my grocery list,” one fan wrote in the comments.

Added another, “Save that note!!! Just adorable.”

Several elementary school teachers praised the second grader’s phonetic spelling.

In 2020, Savannah posted a message Vale left on her laptop after finishing her virtual homework:

“I love pepole/and pepole love me,” Vale had typed, haiku-style, “yay/LOVE.”

“I can’t stop thinking — how much better would the world be if we all went through life thinking like this?” Savannah added. “Never lose your spirit, sweet girl!”

Savannah and her husband, Michael Feldman, are also parents of son Charley, 5. 

Earlier this year, Savannah reflected on welcoming her first child at age 42. 

“I’m glad my kids don’t have the stressed, anxious and insecure 30-year-old version of me,” she revealed in an interview with Good Housekeeping. “The peace and calmness that comes with age is a great thing for kids to see in action.”

Savannah, now 50, noted that all moms and dads are exhausted, regardless of what year they were born. 

“Sometimes I wonder, on a Saturday afternoon when I’m really tired, ‘Do younger parents feel this way?’ And the answer is yes,” she explained. “I know them, they’re my friends and they’re exhausted. All parents have those moments of low energy and times they’re frustrated. That’s just the nature of it.”