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8 times Travis Kelce was just a super cute uncle to his 3 nieces

To three little girls, the football superstar (and Taylor's boyfriend) is 'Uncle Travvy.'

Taylor Swift is not the only woman in the life of Travis Kelce, the superstar tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He is "Uncle Travvy" to Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett, his absolutely adorable nieces.

Sure, his older brother Jason Kelce is lauded for his super-cute dad moments and Jason's wife Kylie Kelce gets credit for keeping the household running.

But let's take a moment to celebrate the many sweet moments Travis has shared with his nieces.

Wyatt reacts to the haircut Uncle Travvy gave her daddy 

The brothers made a secret bet about which brother would go further in the 2023 NFL playoffs.

If Travis lost, he would shave "Big Yeti" in his chest hair. If Jason lost, he would shave his head, wear a diaper and let Travis autograph his forehead.

After losing the bet, Jason accepted defeat like a gentleman, showing off his bald head and diaper live on stage.

When Jason walked in to surprise Wyatt with the new haircut, she immediately started giggling and pointing, saying, “Your hair! Your brain is gone!”

“I lost a bet to Uncle Travvy and he cut it off,” Jason explains to Wyatt, as shared on the brothers' “New Heights” podcast.

“He cut it off?” Wyatt repeats. “That’s not nice!” Demanding that her dad get “new hair,” she suggests, “You should get pink hair!”

“Hopefully it grows back pink,” Jason replies. 

He later tells Travis that he plans to get a pink wig to get a second reaction from the girls.

He wears a pink wig against Wyatt's wishes

Jason Kelce eventually got that pink wig ... and Wyatt is not happy when Travis borrows it.

"Take it off! Take it off!" she begs her uncle. When he asks why, she says, "Because I don't like it."

"I thought you said you wanted Dad to have pink hair," Travis teases.

Wyatt is having none of that from him: "Yeah, but I don't want you to have pink hair," she says. "Because you're naughty and you're sneaky."

Ooh, look what you made her do, Travis.

He suggests that his nieces learn to fight the 'Kelce Way'

"Has Jason taught them how to fight yet?" Travis asks during a podcast taping. "Do the girls know how to fight the "Kelce Way?"

Though neither brother explains exactly what the "Kelce Way" means, Jason shares that he was kicked out of preschool for stabbing a classmate in the forehead with a plastic spork.

Then Travis details his own preschool expulsion. He won multiple games of checkers, he says, which meant that he got to keep playing. But when his teacher told him that he had to share, Travis said, "No, I don't." Then he stood, picked up his chair and hurled it at his teacher.

Kylie does not seem interested in the men passing down these lessons to the girls.

By way of explanation, Travis says, "It was the 90s, you know?"

He knows Bluey

On the podcast, Travis says that the biggest controversy from Eagles training camp this summer was the video of Jason playing "fetch" with his daughters on the field.

"Why would you play fetch with your kids? They are not animals, Jason," Travis says.

Jason explains that the girls like pretending to be dogs: "Ellie actually does think she's a dog sometimes, and she literally brings me stuffed animals in her mouth and then pants at me 'til I throw it."

"That's what Bluey does," Travis responds.

"Yeah, she is a big Bluey fan," Jason says.

"Ellie is so adorable," Travis says, smiling.

He seems genuinely delighted by every interaction with his nieces

The girls interrupt a podcast recording, much to their uncle's delight.

"What's up, girlie? How ya doing?" Travis asks Wyatt. When she proudly shows him her gymnastics leotard, he gives a big, approving, "Oooooo!"

Ellie hops up on her dad's lap to say hello next, and Travis says, "You're smiling big. You're making my day."

No, Travis. You're making our day.

When Uncle Travvy holds newborn Bennett 'just like a football'

We see the moment Travis met his newest niece, Bennett, in the Prime Video "Kelce" documentary.

The brothers sit side by side on the couch. “You wanna hold her?” Jason asks Travis. “Good ball security,” he says, as he passes the baby to her uncle.

“Oh hey, girlie,” Travis says.

“Just like a football,” Jason adds, coaching his little brother on how to hold the baby.

When he tries to 'win' babysitting

Kylie joins the brothers on the 'New Heights' podcast, and Uncle Travvy immediately starts asking her the tough questions.

"How long, if at all, would you allow me to babysit the girls unsupervised?" he asks her.

After an extended pause, she replies, "I think my headphones just cut out."

The trio haggles over some details, and then Kylie wonders aloud, "But then who's watching you?"

She finally concedes that she would let Travis babysit the girls unsupervised for one hour. And he's satisfied with that answer ... especially when Kylie applauds him for his willingness to stand on his feet during the job, as opposed to Jason, who she notes often needs to sit down so he won't strain his back.

Wyatt repping her uncle in a sparkly Chiefs jersey

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby showing off her uncle's number to celebrate his 2019 Super Bowl win?